11 Ways to Increase Healthy Ojas

ojas4Ojas is the biological energy that represents the subtlest form of Kapha dosha and the water element of the body. This vital essence plays a direct role in our energy, strength, immunity, libido, and vitality. Therefore, if we are lacking in any of these areas, it is likely that the ojas in the body may be depleted or disturbed. Healthy ojas is needed in the body to reduce signs of aging and protect against disease. A person with “good” ojas tends to have a healthy, luminous glow. They are patient, compassionate, and rarely become sick. 

What is Ojas?

Ojas is the culmination of the pure essence of the 7 vital tissues (dhatu) in the body. It is formed during the biosynthesis of these tissues and represents the albumin (protein in the plasma), globulin (protein in the blood), and many essential hormones and neurotransmitters. Although ojas plays a major role in the immune system, it also relates to the endocrine, nervous, skeletal, muscular, hematopoietic (bone marrow, spleen, lymph), and digestive systems and, therefore, plays a vital role in our overall health.

A major function of ojas is to maintain the 7 vital tissues, the 3 main forms of elimination (urine, feces, sweat), and the 3 doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). If we are able to maintain healthy ojas in our system, then we are able to keep balance in all of these areas, keeping the energies flowing freely, avoiding stagnation in the channels, and resisting decay and disease. 

Common Causes of Low Ojas:
  • Physical trauma (i.e. car accident, injury)
  • Emotional trauma (i.e. break-up, loss of a loved one)
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Selfishness
  • Nervousness
  • Anger
  • Stress
  • Overworking
  • Excessive orgasms
  • Chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, arthritis, cancer, TB, and ulcerative colitis
  • Chronic pain
  • Resistance to “what is”
  • Excessive travel
  • High Vata in the system
  • Aging (50+)

How to Increase Healthy Ojas:

1. Meditation. 

Letting go of the constrictions in the mind and processing through our thoughts, feelings, and emotions is a powerful way to boost healthy ojas in the system. Ojas is “awareness” and by increasing our consciousness through meditation, we simultaneously increase our ojas. Each night before bed, take 10-20 minutes to sit in a peaceful, comfortable seat. Quiet the mind and let your thoughts come in, then send them on their way. If your mind gets restless, come back to the breath and focus on the inhale and exhale.    

2. Eat ojas-increasing foods.  

Eating a diet rich in ojas-increasing foods is a great way to promote healthy ojas in the body. Here is a list of some powerful ojas-building food choices: 

  • Ghee
  • Dates
  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sesame seeds
  • Tahini
  • Avocado
  • Healthy oils such as coconut, olive, sesame, and almond
  • Coconut meat, coconut water, coconut milk
  • Organic, whole milk (warmed and spiced)
  • Whole grains (brown rice, buckwheat groats, oats, whole wheat…)
  • Figs
  • Raisins
  • Sweet, juicy fruits such as peaches and mangos
  • High anti-oxidant foods such as blueberries, cacao, and beets
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Rice pudding
  • Bone marrow broths
Ojas-increasing recipes:
3. Reduce overall stress. 

Reducing the stress in your life is an essential way to obtain healthy ojas in the body. Make sure that you’re not overworking and exhausting yourself. Make sure to keep good, positive company and reduce negativity and conflict in your daily life. Find healthy outlets to utilize on a daily basis such as yoga, meditation, pranayama, music, art, nature, family, friends, healthy hobbies, and exercise. 

4. Avoid excessive sex. 

Ojas is a strong factor in our sexual potency. Abusing, misusing, or exhausting our vital sexual energy is a common way of depleting the ojas in the system. Instead, keeping control over this sacred energy and utilizing it in a healthy manner will preserve our ojas and preserve our vitality. According to the texts, Vata types are supposed to enjoy sexual intercourse only 1-2 times a month, Pitta types 3-4 times, and Kapha types 4-5 times per month. If you have depleted ojas to begin with, however, it is best to save your sexual energy for only 1-2 times a month, no matter which dosha type you may be.            

5. Abhyanga self-oil massage. 

A warm, gentle, self-oil massage at the end of the night is a great way to build the ojas while nurturing the body, mind, and soul. If you have depleted ojas, there is a good chance that the Vata is also high, so using a warm sesame oil or Vata Massage Oil may be even more powerful. Begin with the head and work your way slowly down to the feet. If you are short on time, just massaging the scalp, forehead, and feet can be very effective as well. Click here for full instructions on the Abhyanga Self-Oil Massage.      

6. Gentle yoga. 

Gentle yoga is a nourishing way to relieve stress, reduce constrictions, and promote free-flowing energy in the body—all of which will increase healthy ojas in the body. Taking a Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga or any slow moving, gentle yoga class 1-2 times each week will be a great complement to your ojas-building routine.      

7. Gentle exercise. 

Incorporating a healthy, gentle, and consistent exercise routine into your daily life is a great way to promote healthy ojas. This can be a simple walk in the fresh air each day, a gentle hike in nature, or a nice swim. Just keep it relaxed, consistent, and enjoyable.

8. Deep breathing. 

As mentioned before, constriction is a leading cause of depleted ojas. Therefore, taking the time to take some deep breaths each day is an excellent and efficient way to increase our ojas and our vitality. Each morning, take a comfortable seat and take 10 deep belly breaths, making them long, smooth, and steady. Focus the mind on the elongated inhale and exhale, and notice the slight pause in between. For best results, repeat this practice before bed.   

9. Practice surrendering to what life hands you. 

Dr. Vasant Lad states very clearly that a major cause of depleted ojas is saying “no” to what is. Saying “no” causes resistance and constriction, and these feelings disrupt ojas. Therefore, practicing surrendering and accepting what is can be a powerful way to increase health and longevity. As Dr. Lad so beautifully states: “The trees say ‘yes’ to every season. When spring comes, they say ’yes‘ and they flower. When summer comes, they say ‘yes‘ and they become dry and thirsty. When fall comes, they say ‘yes‘ and change color and drop their leaves.” Be like the tree!

10. Promote positivity in your life. 

Increase the positive energy in your life and increase your ojas. Some simple ways to increase positive energy are by keeping good company and surrounding yourself with positive, loving, compassionate people. Keep positive thoughts even when times are hard. Positive energy promotes positive energy and this promotes healthy ojas.  

11. Ojas-increasing herbs. 

Herbs can be an amazing complement to these other ojas-increasing practices. Here are some of the most powerful ojas-enhancing herbs in the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia:

***Taking these herbs with ghee and honey will increase their ojas-increasing properties even further!

Try my ojas-increasing Rasayana Ghrita for energy, strength, and rejuvenation.

Ojas-increasing recipes:

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  1. V.S.SURY August 3, 2015 at 1:12 am #

    Thanks. Very informative article.

  2. Zoran December 26, 2015 at 3:11 am #

    I am very grateful to the author, for this precious, sacred Knowledge ! :)))

  3. Paurush March 31, 2016 at 9:47 pm #

    What is the source of your information.

    • Danielle April 1, 2016 at 11:02 am #

      Hi Paurush! Thank you for your inquiry. My information from almost all of my articles comes from my years of study under my teachers Dr. Vasant Lad, Alakananda Ma, Dr Bharat Vaidya and Dr Claudia Welch; as well as my personal experiences as an Ayurvedic practitioner. I sometime will source Dr. Lad’s books along with some of the traditional texts as well. I hope this helps! Namaste, Danielle

  4. Chris April 10, 2016 at 1:26 pm #

    That doesn’t seem like enough sex only 1-5 times a month? What if as a man you don’t ejaculate like in tantric practices? I’m sure you can have more sex than that.

    • Danielle April 11, 2016 at 2:11 pm #

      Hi Chris! Thank you for your inquiry. Although I am not very familiar with the Tantric practices, I assume this is completely different than the average sexual experience (as long as you are doing it properly). In general, excessive ejaculation is a direct link to reduced Ojas and often increased Vata, which will eventually lead to depletion of Shukra, the male reproductive tissue. Imbalance in this vital area will soon lead to other imbalances throughout the body. It is just something to look for if there are signs of low Ojas, general depletion, etc. Hope this helps! Namaste, Danielle

      • Chris April 11, 2016 at 5:14 pm #

        Right so it’s more about frequent ejaculations than it is about frequent sex. It just gives the impression to only have sex a few times a month but if you are in a healthy relationship and practising tantric sex you could have it many more times than that a month. I’m not sure how it is for woman either if they have sex more than 5 times a month how that would affect them negatively. Something to look into.

  5. Deepa July 8, 2016 at 8:02 am #


    Does masturbation lead to a depletion of ojas in women?

    • Danielle July 11, 2016 at 11:18 am #

      Hi Deepa,

      Masturbation does not deplete Ojas in men or women if it is used in moderation, according to your dosha type, season, age and strength of individual. However, if you already have depleted Ojas, part of the treatment would be to limit orgasms during that time. The limit would be based on the individual’s needs and the severity of the depletion. Orgasms in itself does not deplete healthy Ojas levels, rather excessive orgasms. Once again, the amount of sex or masturbation will be dependent on the individual since we are all different. I hope this helps to answer your question!


  6. Anna turner May 10, 2017 at 12:15 am #

    I love this information
    Thank you

    • Danielle May 10, 2017 at 9:38 am #

      Hi Anna,

      Thank you for taking the time to write these kind words. I am glad you have enjoyed the article! Be well:)


  7. Avantika Srivastava June 14, 2017 at 5:14 am #

    Thanx for sharing this valuable article with us… it is really helpful.

  8. Shubham sharma January 15, 2018 at 11:28 am #

    Would you like to tell me can I eat one spoon of shatavari guda daily with milk to increase my ojasvi and vitality? Will it do any harm in long-term?

    • Danielle January 15, 2018 at 2:53 pm #

      Hi Shubham! Thank you for your inquiry. Shatavari with warm milk can be taken long-term as it is fairly sattvic and should not cause any side-effects. They are both used to increase Ojas and rejuvenate the system. The only contraindications would be if there is a large amount of toxins in the system (i.e. thick coating on the tongue, sluggish digestion, etc), as these substances are both heavy by nature. Also Shatavari is an estrogen precursor and therefore should be avoid with long-term use in people with estrogen dominance. Otherwise it should be very beneficial!


  9. Sunny January 23, 2018 at 8:43 am #

    Hi…. thanks for the great information… very useful..
    My body is very dry since childhood… how to get rid of this
    Problem completey …. i have a gr8 hope ..tq

    • Danielle January 23, 2018 at 10:18 am #

      Hi Sunny,

      Thank you for your question! Dryness is a Vata issue (as well as low Ojas) that should be treated both internally and externally. Performing Abhyanga, the Ayurvedic Oil Massage, with Vata Oil on a regular basis is a great start. Eating more healthy oils and fats such as ghee, sesame oil, coconut and avocado would be beneficial. Making sure to drink 8-10 cups of warm to hot water each day will also help. These recommendations would be a great start overall. You can read some general tips on “How to Balance Vata” here. Please let me know if you have any further questions!


      • Sunny January 24, 2018 at 11:24 am #

        Thank u so much … for sure i ll do that all u said …

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