28 Days to a Healthier Digestion Challenge: Week Two

Welcome to week two of our Healthy Digestion Challenge!  This week we will continue on with the recommendations from week one while bringing our focus to a few new challenges.  By making these changes to our diet and lifestyle over this 28 day period, we are hoping to shed light on where our dietary struggles lie (say giving up all white sugar), bring awareness to all of the (hidden) ingredients that are in our foods, and finally give our digestions a much needed break in order to rekindle our fire, flush away toxins and reestablish sustainable energy and health. 

If you are still struggling with the first weeks recommendations, it is alright.  The more you can do, the better; however, if you fall short a time or two this doesn’t mean that you need to give up.  Rather bring awareness to where you are struggling and do your best to overcome these harder areas of change.  Even if you go from eating gluten three times a day to twice in the entire week, this is a huge improvement and will still be beneficial. 

Overtime our previous unhealthy dietary habits should slowly wane away the more you can get them out of your system and out of your daily routine.  The first few days always seem to be the hardest, but once you eliminate the “bad” habits while finding more positive replacements (say replacing that cookie with some fruit), they soon become more natural.  This of course takes time, but with the notable positive results that come with these changes, more motivation will manifest.     

Before moving on, I encourage you to not simply focus on the areas that you may be “falling short”, but equally (if not more so) acknowledge the successes you have accomplished so far.  Whether you are now drinking hot water each morning, sipping on CCF Tea throughout the day or have said a strong farewell to white sugar, take some time to appreciate and celebrate your efforts, big and small!

Click here for a recap on our recommendations from Week One!

Healthy Digestion Challenge: WEEK 2

Click her for a PDF copy of this chart.

Ayurvedic Dietary Tip of the Week:
Avoid improper food combinations. 

One of the main causes of digestive imbalances is the regular intake of improper food combinations (such as in this picture!).  This means that it is not always what you are eating, but how you are eating it.  For example, both yogurt and fruit are very healthy foods, but when eaten together they cause fermentation in the gut, leading to digestive upset and toxic accumulation.

Therefore by bringing awareness to these vital “food rules”, one can avoid unnecessary harm to the system and begin to heal and strengthen the digestive force.  Here is a chart of the basic Improper Food Combinations:

Click here for a printable pdf copy of this chart.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by this long list of food combining “don’ts”, then try to simplify things by choosing the most vital combinations to focus on.  Here is an article with the top three improper food combinations to start with!

Daily Routine Practice of the Week:
Eat on a set meal routine.

Eating each meal at consistent and appropriate times not only brings some consistency to your daily routine, but also will get the digestive juices flowing strong, as they will be preparing for the meal before the food even comes. This practice will help regulate your digestion, balance your emotions and keep you energized throughout the day!

Here is a general chart listing the ideal meal times as well as the proper qualities of each meal:

*During the summer months, the dinner can be eaten slightly later if needed.

Herbal Regimen of the Week: 
Take a digestive appetizer before each meal.

A common Ayurvedic practice is to ignite the digestive fire (aka Agni) with a stimulating herbal appetizer before each meal.  This can be something as simple as ginger tea with honey, or something a bit more powerful like our Agni Elixir.  Depending on your digestive needs, these can be taken up to three times daily, 15-30 minutes prior to eating.

Ideally you should choose a digestive aid that is doesn’t take too much preparation, has the ability for you to take it on-the-go (if needed), and one that you can realistically be consistent with.  Here are some of our top digestive-stimulating products that are both powerful and allow for easeful application:

If you prefer an at home remedy, here is a recipe for our Ginger, Honey and Lime Digestive Appetizer!

Week Two Recap

Recipe Suggestions of the Week:
Ayurvedic Red Lentil Dahl Recipe

Here is a light, easy-to-digest recipe that will keep you energized and nourished, providing you with some essential protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.  This warm, nutrient-rich meal is perfect for the cooler months as it contains a handful of grounding root veggies and of course some warming digestive spices!  This lentil soup recipe can be on its own or over a warm bowl of whole grains such as quinoa or brown rice.  Click here for the full recipe!

Coconut Curry Hummus Recipe

For those of you looking for a healthy snack alternative, here is a flavorful hummus recipe just for you!  It is easy to make, packed full of nutrition and uses the powerful of Ayurvedic spices to help kindle the digestion.  Try it on a gluten-free tortilla, a collard green wrap, over a salad, or with some veggies.  Raw veggies can be hard on the digestion however, so please avoid or limit them if needed!  Click here for the full recipe!

Oh My! Avocado, Coconut and Cacao Pudding Recipe

With week two of the challenge in full effect, I thought I would add in a healthy dessert alternative to help calm that sweet tooth.  This healthy recipe is filled with a handful of superfoods such as avocado, coconut and cacao while providing some necessary sweetness with the power of maple syrup.  Best of all, it is easy to whip up and can be quickly made in times of weakness.  So say no to that candy bar and discover a healthy way to indulge instead!   Click here for the full recipe!

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