Ayurvedic Detox Kit

DetoxThis well-rounded, powerful Detox Kit contains everything you may need to make the most of your cleanse.  It has been created to remove the deep rooted toxins that a dietary cleanse alone will not be able to reach.  These potent remedies provide complete systemic detoxification, as it is filled with powerful blood, liver and colon cleansers.  This is a complete kit for up to a seven day cleanse, plus enough herbs for the “pre” and “post” cleansing measures. The Complete Detox Kit also the “Cleansing Calendar” which provides specific instructions on how to use each product throughout the entire process.  This kit also provides cleansing Ayurvedic recipes to take during the cleanse.  Made with 100% Organic Ingredients.

***The Herbal Detox Kit has been designed to compliment a dietary cleanse such as a Kitchari cleanse.

The Herbal Detox Kit contains:

Daily Detox Formula (1 month supply):

This specially made herbal formula is comprised of the most potent cleansing herbs available in Ayurveda.  Formulated to remove toxins, cleanse the blood and liver, increase the digestion and boost the metabolism.  This formula is great for Candida overgrowth and other parasitical infections as well.   Read more on our Daily Detox Formula here.

Tikta Ghrtita (9oz jar):

This powerful medicated ghee is a standard component to any Ayurvedic cleanse.  It is formulated to remove deep-rooted toxins in the liver, blood, pancreas and GI tract.  Tikta Ghrita has been well known to reduce inflammation in the system, improve the complexion, treat skin issues, balance the hormones and increase the digestive fire.  This is a crucial part of any Detox program!   Read more on Tikta Ghrita here.

Triphala Churna (1 month supply):

This traditional formula is a panacea in terms of cleansing the GI tract, strengthening and detoxing the liver, ridding toxic build-up, promoting healthy elimination and enhancing cellular rejuvenation. Click here to read more on Triphala Churna.

Detox Tea (8oz tin):

This Detox blend is a powerful herbal tea that is quite beneficial during times of cleansing and detoxification.  Detox tea has been formulated to removes toxins from the liver, blood and GI tract, while increasing digestion and promoting elimination. Ingredients: Jirak, Mishreya, Dhanya, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root

Medicated Massage Oil (4oz bottle):

Daily self-massage is a mandatory addition to an Ayurvedic cleanse.  This powerful herb-infused oil is a cleansing and stimulating blend that will help to “loosen” deep-rooted toxins, so they can be readily flushed from the system.  This medicated oil is also used to nourish and strengthen the Nervous System, helping to balance the mind and emotions during the cleanse.  Choose from the Vata, Pitta and Kapha blends available.

Ginger Bath Blend (6 soaks): 

Sweating is a major component of an Ayurvedic cleanse.  This powerful bath blend is formulated to induce sweating and detox the body.  The Ginger Bath Blend will remove deep rooted toxins from the body, reduce inflammation, relieve pain and soreness and increase the overall circulation.


This kit also includes:
  • Step-by-step, detailed instructions for support throughout the entire cleanse


  • $95.00  



“I was very pleased with the quality of the products in the cleanse kit that I just received, as well as with the very thorough consultation that I had with Danielle. She is sensitive, knowledgeable and very organized in her approach to healing. Such a high degree of quality products and customer service is refreshing. ” Laurie from New Mexico

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