Bulk Herbs

spicessWe sell all of our organic bulk herbs and spices here at Svastha Ayurveda for only $4.00 per ounce. The list is not limited and you will see many options from both the East and the West.

Choose which herbs you’d like from the list below, and then add up the total amount of ounces you desire. Place the order for this amount of ounces by clicking the “Add to Cart” button and entering in the total number. For example, if you’d like to order 1 oz of 3 different kinds of herbs, then you’d order 3 ozs under the bulk herb option below.

Once your order is submitted, please let me know which herbs you would like and how many ounces of each by adding this information in the “comment section” of PayPal checkout.  Questions?  Contact us anytime by email or phone!


Ajwain Seed Whole, Org
Alfalfa Leaf, Cut and Sifted, Org
Aloe Vera Powder, Org
Amalaki Powder, Org
Anantamula Powder, Org
Angelica Root Powder, Org
Arjuna Powder, Org
Ashwagandha Root Powder, Org
Ashoka Powder, Org
Astragalus Root Slices, Org
Bala Root Powder, Org
Bhringaraj Leaf Powder, Org
Bibhitaki Powder, Org
Bilva Powder, Org
Black Peppercorns Whole, Org
Brahmi, Cut and Sifted, Org
Brahmi Powder, Org
Brown Mustard Seed Whole, Org
Cardamon Powder, Org
Chamomile Flowers, Cut and Sifted, Org
Chitrak Powder, Org
Chrysanthemum Flowers, Cut and Sifted, Org
Cinnamon(Cassia) Powder, Org
Cinnamon(Cassia) Sticks, Org
Cloves Whole, Org
Comfrey Root Whole, Org
Coriander Seed Whole, Org
Cumin Seed Whole, Org
Dandelion Root Whole, Org
Daruharidra Powder, Org
Dong Quai Root Powder, Org
Echinacea Root Whole, Org
Elder Berries Whole, Org
Elecampane Root Powder, Org
Fennel Seed Whole, Org
Fenugreek Seed Powder, Org
Fenugreek Seed Whole, Org
Fo-ti Root Powder, Org
Frankensense Resin Powder, Org
Gentian Root Whole, Org
Ginger Root Powder, Org
Gokshura Powder, Org
Gotu Kola, Cut and Sifted, Org
Gotu Kola Powder, Org
Guduchi Powder, Org
Gurmar Powder, Org
Haritaki Powder, Org
Hibiscus Leaf Whole, Org
Kalmegha Powder, Org
Kapikachu Powder, Org
Kutaja Powder, Org
Lavender Flowers, Cut and Sifted, Org
Lemon Balm Leaf, Cut and Sifted, Org
Lemongrass, Cut and Sifted, Org
Licorice Root Powder, Org
Lotus Leaf, Cut and Sifted, Org
Manjistha Root Powder, Org
Marshmallow Root Whole, Org
Milk Thistle Powder, Org
Musta Root Powder, Org
Nirgundi Powder, Org
Neem Leaf Powder, Org
Nettle Leaf Powder, Org
Nutmeg Whole, Org
Passionflower Leaf, Cut and Sifted, Org
Peppermint Leaf, Cut and Sifted, Org
Pippali Whole, Org
Punarnava Powder, Org
Raspberry Leaf, Cut and Sifted, Org
Red Clover, Cut and Sifted, Org
Red Rose Petals, Cut and Sifted, Org
Rosehips Whole, Org
Rosemary Leaf, Cut and Sifted, Org
Sage Leaf, Cut and Sifted, Org
Shankapushpi Powder, Org
Shatavari Root Powder, Org
Skullkap Leaf, Cut and Sifted, Org
Slippery Elm Bark Whole, Org
Tulsi Leaf, Cut and Sifted, Org
Tulsi Leaf Powder, Org
Turmeric Root Powder, Org
Vasa Leaf Powder, Org
Vidanga Powder, Org
Vidari Root Powder, Org