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Ayurvedic Home Remedies 101: Ginger, Honey and Lime Digestive Appetizer

ginger-appetizer-homer-remedyIf you are familiar at all with Ayurveda, you will know that its number one focus and goal is to establish a healthy and robust digestive fire.  There are multiple ways to go about this, and the more severe your digestive issues may be, the more changes that will need to be made.  It is important to avoid too many changes at once however, and this can be established by utilizing some simpler remedies, while slowly trying to make the more difficult changes in your diet and lifestyle.  This ginger appetizer is a perfect addition to any digestive health regimen, as it is quick to prepare and contains accessible ingredients.  It possesses a wide range of health benefits, but of course the main benefits are to boost the digestion, increase the metabolism and burn those toxins! Continue reading »

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Ayurvedic Home Remedies 101: Cilantro Juice for Detoxification, Chelation and Inflammation

cilantro juiceCilantro is one of my favorite herbs, as it is fresh, affordable, accessible and carries a wide range of health benefits.  This tasty herb can be used as food or in larger dosages to increase the potency of its health benefits.  Cilantro’s cooling, anti-inflammatory properties makes it essential in any Pitta imbalance, while also being an Ayurvedic staple for every-body during these hot summer months.  Cilantro is also well-known for its powerful detoxifying action, and more importantly, its unique ability to remove heavy metals from the tissues. Continue reading »

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7 Ayurvedic Remedies for Fighting the Cold and Flu (that really work!)

gingerSo here we are, in the midst of the cold and flu season.  If you are anything like us here in Boulder, CO, it is hard to go anywhere without people coughing and sneezing all around.  Whether at work, school or at home it is likely you will eventually be exposed to some of these bugs as they migrate from one person to another.  If you have kids or are in a kid related field (teachers!), your exposure amplifies even stronger.  Since isolation is neither logical nor desired, the best option for staying healthy this season is to use full awareness and combat a potential virus or bacteria before they take over.  In this article, I will be sharing my favorite Ayurvedic herbal remedies that I use personally and can vouch for first hand.  So put away your cough syrups and antibiotics and give mother nature a shot!    Continue reading »

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Tulsi, Ginger, Turmeric Tea Recipe

One of my favorite elements about the fall is being able to enjoy a warm glass of tea as I bundle up in a warm cozy blanket. This particular Ayurvedic tea recipe is exceptionally spectacular, as it is immune boosting, digestion enhancing, detoxifying, bug-killing, delicious goodness in one soothing cup. Continue reading »

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Triphala Face Mask for Soft Skin and Glowing Complexion

triphala maskIn this latest article, I am excited to share one of my favorite home remedies for the skin.  This face mask is made from Triphala Churna mixed in coconut oil; but don’t let the simplicity fool you.  This mask is slightly exfoliating, mildly cleansing and powerfully radiating!  The triphala contains high levels of antioxidants, giving you an anti-aging boost while simultaneously helping to clear the skin.  The coconut oil is a nice compliment as the Triphala can be too drying on its own.  Using these two ingredients combined, gives you a balanced facial treatment in a simple and quick home remedy. Continue reading »

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The Many Uses and Benefits of the Castor Oil Pack


Castor oil has a wide range of uses, both internally and externally.  Castor oil holds a strong place in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, as well as many other ancient medical sciences.  Castor oil packs are a highly effective therapy used to relieve many conditions including constipation, congestion in the GI tract, congestion in the lymphatic system, liver issues; benign tumors, cysts and fibroids; skin disorders and inflammatory issues.  Continue reading »

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Cramp Relief Tea for Women

cramp relief teaAlthough the dreaded symptoms of PMS have come to be known as a “natural” part of the female cycle, it is actually a sign of imbalance in the system.  One of the most prevalent symptoms of PMS reported include the infamous cramps that often precede and accompany menstruation. Continue reading »

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