Holistic Treatment Options:

Here is a list of the healing modalities used at Svastha Ayurveda. Each client will be given only treatments that are appropriate on their personal path to healing. Before any recommendations can be given, an initial consultation is needed to establish the individual’s constitution and specific needs.

turHerbal Prescriptions:

This modality involves the incorporation of an individualized herbal formula made to fit each person’s specific needs, body type and current state of imbalance. This is created to help in supplementing their journey back towards a state of balance, both physically and mentally. The herbal methods of healing include:


  • Individualized daily powdered formulas (churna)
  • Medicated ghees
  • Medicated external oils
  • Syrups and elixirs
  • Tinctures
  • Herbal loose leaf teas
  • Nasya


Nutritional Guidance:

Svastha Ayurveda offers the guidelines for obtaining the proper diet needed for each person as an individual. This includes the guidance of:


  • Proper foods to eat and to avoid
  • Foods to increase health, energy and vitality
  • Spices and oils to incorporate in the diet for proper digestion
  • Guidance on improper food combinations
  • Guidelines to increase the digestive fire
  • Guidelines to reducing gas, indigestion, and toxic build up
walkLifestyle Recommendations:

This portion involves specific recommendations to fit each individual lifestyle and make realistic, non-invasive changes that will help them cultivate a state of balance in their daily routine. This typically involves methods including:

  • Regulating a proper sleep schedule
  • Regulating a proper meal schedule
  • Creating a consistent exercise and yoga routine
  • Finding a healthy, daily routine specific for each individual
  • Reducing or eliminating any unnecessary or unhealthy aspects of the current routine
cleanseCleansing Therapy:

Svastha Ayurveda offers guidance in the proper application of cleanse therapy. This can be a mild or more potent procedure that can vary in length, strength and therapies. This is recommended to be done at least once or twice each year and with the transitional seasons of Spring and Fall, to reduce and eliminate the build up of toxins in the body. The specific methods used may be:

  • Blood and liver cleansing herbs
  • Anti-parasitical herbs
  • Oliation and sudation
  • Mono-diet (typically of kitchari)
  • Medicated enema
  • Purgative therapy

**All cleanses will be followed with the proper guidance of rejuvenation therapy.


Yoga as Therapy:

Yoga is a wonderful complimentary practice in the science of Ayurveda, and is a powerful modality in healing. The practice of specific postures can be used not only to create strength and balance in the body, but also in the mind. No prior experience is needed as Svastha Ayurveda works with each person individually, wherever they may be.  These private sessions may include:

  • Simple sequences to open the channels throughout the body, get the blood flowing and remove obstructions
  • Empowerment to incorporate a daily home practice based on your individual needs and requirements
  • Sequences and postures to stretch and strengthen specific areas in the body
  • Sequences to find a sense of balance in the body and the mind

Click here to read about the Private Yoga Sessions offered at Svastha Ayurveda.


Pranayama can be termed as the control of the breath. To control the breath is to control the mind. As most of our states of disease and imbalance can be rooted in the mind, this can be a powerful method of healing. Once again no prior experience is needed; however, proper guidance is very necessary!

Specific breathing techniques may include:

  • Learning how to breath into the belly, bring awareness to the breath and reduce shallow, chest breathing
  • Alternate nostril breathing to balance the body, mind and subtle channels of the body
  • Breathing techniques to create more heat in the body, increase circulation and burn toxins
  • Breathing techniques to reduce excessive heat in the body and mind
  • Breathing techniques to increase metabolism
  • Breathing techniques to quiet the mind and create a sense of balance

**Each individual will be prescribed and taught a specific technique that will be fit for their current state of imbalance and will be fit for their level of experience.

medMeditation Techniques:

Meditation is an excellent way to finding balance in one’s life. It is very effective way in calming a racing mind and processing through repressed emotions.  Many simple meditation techniques are available, depending on what resonates best with the client.  Meditation works on the subtle body, mind and the nervous system as a whole, and can help heal a person is virtually any disease.

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