Pitta Tea

20150723_090602Pitta Tea is a cooling and refreshing herbal tea blend designed to reduce heat in the body; calming Pitta imbalances such as inflammation, anger, irritation, liver issues, acne, eczema and hyperacidity.  Pitta tea is powerful in potency yet gentle enough to drink on a daily basis.  It is naturally caffeine-free, but works on awakening the mind and intellect while balancing the emotions.  Naturally energizing, this tea blend is cleansing, cooling, rejuvenating and balancing to both the body and mind.

Health Benefits and Uses:
  • Naturally caffeine-free
  • Reduces excessive heat in the body and mind
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Cools and cleanses the liver and blood
  • Reduces Pitta emotions such as anger, irritation, impatience and irritability
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces allergies
  • Balances the digestion
  • Rejuvenates and awakens the mind
  • Promotes memory and intellect
  • Beautifies the complexion
  • Beneficial in skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Contains many vitamins, mineral and antioxidants


Contraindications:  This tea is formulated and most recommended for Pitta issues, however, is gentle enough for all ages and body-types.   

Directions:  Boil 3 cups of water.  Turn the heat to low and add 2 Tbsp of the Pitta Tea blend.  Steep for 8-15 minutes on low heat and then strain into another pot.  Once the tea has cooled a bit, add honey to taste if desired.  For best results take daily during times of imbalance; otherwise, take as desired.  Pitta tea is a wonderful way to balance excessive heat in the summer, but is beneficial and tasty all year round! 

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Brahmi, Shatavari Root, Rose Petals, Chrysanthemum Blossoms, Nettle Leaf, Hibiscus, Dhanya

***Made with 100% Organic Ingredients

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“Light, cooling and crisp.  Tasty hot or cold, especially with a touch of honey!  Best of all, I can feel my Pitta calming down with every sip!”  Sam from Illinois 

“Wonderful tea, full of a range of herbs and spices.” Mary from Colorado

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