Organic Herbal Teas

The herbal teas here at Svastha Ayurveda are intelligently put together to taste great while allowing the medicinal secrets of the herbs to shine. Tea infusions are gentle enough to take daily for people of all stages of life including during pregnancy. A soothing yet effective way to get your daily dose of herbal healing.

Ayurvedic Herbal Tea Blends:


This sweet and soothing herbal Ayurvedic tea is the perfect blend for those with a Vata constitution or any-body with a Vata imbalance.  CALM Tea has been formulated to relieve numerous Vata symptoms including poor digestion, gas, bloating, constipation, dryness, low immunity, low energy, anxiety, restless mind and adrenal fatigue.  100% Organic and Caffeine-Free.


COOL DOWN Tea is a cooling and refreshing herbal tea blend designed to reduce heat in the body; calming Pitta imbalances such as inflammation, anger, irritation, liver issues, acne, eczema and hyperacidity.  It is naturally caffeine-free, but works on awakening the mind and intellect while balancing the emotions.  Naturally energizing, this tea blend is cleansing, cooling, rejuvenating and balancing to both the body and mind.  100% Organic and Caffeine-Free.


AWAKEN Tea is an invigorating tea blend designed to reduce all Kapha imbalances in the body and mind.  AWAKEN Tea is beneficial for boosting the digestion and metabolism, increasing circulation, awakening a dull, foggy mind and burning unwanted toxins from the system.  This stimulating tea blend also helps to lift heavy emotions such as sadness, depression, low motivation and lethargy.  100% Organic and Caffeine-Free.

Ayurvedic Spiced Chai:

A naturally stimulating Chai blend with an Ayurvedic twist.  Our spicy Chai formula is useful for boosting the digestion, metabolism, circulation and energy, making it a perfect way to start your day!  With a rooibos base, this herbal Chai tea is filled with anti-aging, energizing antioxidants, boosting overall wellness without compromising great taste.  100% Organic and Caffeine-Free.

Detox Tea: 

An earthy blend of Ayurvedic herbs and western roots.  Our Detox Tea blend has been formulated to remove toxins from the liver, blood and GI tract while simultaneously increasing the digestive fire.  Great for aiding in any Detox program, but gentle enough to use on a daily basis.  100% Organic and Caffeine-Free.

Healthy Digestion Tea:

This blend of Ayurvedic herbs and spices has been formulated to support the GI tract; enhancing the digestion and absorption of nutrients, while ridding the body of toxins.  Great for taking before meals or sipping on throughout the day.  100% Organic and Caffeine-Free.  

OM Shanti Tea:

This delicately simple and serene blend of herbs is designed to relax an over stimulated nervous system and balance the emotions.  Although these herbs are quite calming by nature, OM Shanti Tea works to simultaneously open the mind and enhance the intellect and memory. A truly nourishing blend for the body, mind and soul.  100% Organic and Caffeine-Free.

Sleepy Tea:

Sleepy tea is a gentle, soothing way to relax the mind after a long day. Filled with calming herbs from both the East and West, our Sleepy Tea is truly a unique and powerful blend that stands out from the rest.  Sleepy Tea is great bedtime companion for winding down, relieving stress and easing you into a deep night’s sleep.  100% Organic and Caffeine-Free.

Throat Therapy Tea:

This healing Ayurvedic tea blend is guaranteed to sooth a tender throat during times of cough, congestion, soreness, swelling and irritation.  With a rooibus base, Throat Therapy Tea provides rejuvenating antioxidants, reduces inflammation, lubricates the throat and soothes soreness.  Throat Therapy is gentle enough for people of all ages, yet powerful enough for all colds.  100% Organic and Caffeine-Free.

Women’s Balance Blend:

An herbal tea blend specific for woman at all stages of life.  This nourishing tea reduces menopausal symptoms, reduces PMS, strengthens the bones, balances the hormones and emotions, increases the memory and intellect, beautifies the complexion, detoxifies the system and reduces inflammation.  100% Organic and Caffeine-Free.

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