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Tri-doshic Mung Dahl and Quinoa Kitchari Recipe

Although Kitchari is not a necessity to have an Ayurvedic diet, it can definitely be a healthy staple for those that choose.  In fact, more days than not, I find myself creating (and craving) this dish on a daily basis.  The reason why I LOVE this dish so, is because of the versatility in taste, ingredients, and health properties that it possesses.  Kitchari can vary quite a bit in quality depending on the spices, oils, veggies, dahl and grain used.  Some Kitchari recipes may be perfect for a cleanse, while others may be more building, and therefore more useful in rejuvenation therapy.   Some may be beneficial for the Fall season and others better for Summer.  And, as you will see with this particular Kitchari recipe, some can be very sattvic (balanced) by nature, and therefore useful for all times! Continue reading »

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Rejuvenation Kitchari: Ayurvedic Soul Food

rejuvenation kitchari recipeKitchari is often thought of as a cleansing dish and is widely used in Ayurvedic detoxification programs.  However, this versatile dish can also be modified for rejuvenating the body and mind, increasing one’s energy and vitality (aka Ojas).  This particular Kitchari recipe is great for Vata pacification, post-cleanses or anytime you feel like you need a warm, comforting boost of nourishment. Continue reading »

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