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Ayurvedic Hot Toddy Recipe

The holiday season is the time of year for friends, family, giving and gratitude.  However, it can also come with an increase in stress, exhaustion, eating and of course drinking.  One of the best ways to avoid the seemingly unavoidable holiday weight gain is to limit empty calories including alcohol.  Here is an incredible alcohol-free Ayurvedic Hot Toddy recipe, perfect for keeping you warm, boosting the digestive fire, enhancing circulation, increasing energy, and strengthening immune system throughout the winter months.     Continue reading »

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Fall Juice Recipe

Fall juice recipeIn the world of Ayurveda it is a well known fact that once the Fall hits, the juicers should be put away, as juice and all raw, cold foods should be avoided for these colder months.  I definitely agree with this theory, especially with my strong Vata constitution.  However, the days although a bit crisp, are still sunny and warm here in Boulder, CO and every now and then I do like to indulge in a freshly made juice.  Thankfully using the Ayurvedic principles, I have learned to modify such Ayurvedic oxymorons and allow myself to indulge in a thoughtful and healthy manner.  Continue reading »

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The Secret Healing Properties of Ginger

healing properties of gingerGinger is a well-known culinary spice worldwide and has been used for its medicinal benefits in Ayurveda for thousands of years. Among ginger’s multitude of health benefits, the most commonly known is its ability to increase the digestive force. Although ginger is an amazing digestive tonic, there are innumerable health benefits this healing root possesses that are a little more hidden to the naked eye.  Continue reading »

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