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How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain with Ayurveda

Winter is a great time of year for slowing down and taking it easy.  However, this “taking it easy” can often turn into a sluggish, sedentary lifestyle before too long.  This paired with the common factor of wintertime comfort foods (pizza, pasta, casseroles, etc) and endless holiday treats can often lead to gaining the “inevitable” ten plus pounds before springtime manifests.  Whether you are looking to lose the weight that has already been put on, or you are just looking to maintain the weight you are at, Ayurveda has many recommendations to keep the weight off all winter long!  Continue reading »

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Ayurvedic Sleep Report- Part 1: Why is Sleep so Important to our Health?

Ayurvedic sleep reportAlthough I think we all have experienced the advantages of a good night’s rest, and alternatively, the aggravations of a poor one; what are the specific health benefits of proper sleep and the specific complications for the lack of? How does improper sleep really effect are physical, emotional and mental health? Continue reading »

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The Four Types of Agni

fireThe digestive fire (aka Agni), according to Ayurveda, is such a dynamic concept, it is stated to be the main governor of one’s energy, vitality and well being. An individual’s overall digestion is likely to determine the overall health of that individual. Continue reading »

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