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The Seven Most Powerful Herbs for Inflammation (and how to use them!)

It is no surprise that inflammation is one of the most common issues that I see as an Ayurvedic practitioner.  Although the cause and the manifestation may look different for each individual, the result is the same.  Inflammation is often revealed as redness, irritation, heat, swelling, and tenderness.  This can be an obvious manifestation such as a rash on the skin, painful swollen joints, or sore muscles, or a not so obvious occurrence such as inflammation in the stomcach, small intestines, liver, or colon.  The location of the inflammation, along with the individual’s specific body type (aka dosha type) and current inflammatory symptoms will all be important factors for which herbal treatment will be the most effective for them. Continue reading »

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Turmeric: The Root of Life

turmericTurmeric, admittedly one of my most favorite herbs, is steadily becoming more and more popular here in the West.  Whether used as a culinary spice or herbal medicine, this bright, beautiful creation of nature has a multitude of health benefits hidden within. Continue reading »

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