Big dark pink Lotus Flower photoHere are some experiences others have had with Svastha Ayurveda’s clinic and apothecary.

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“”Our work together is helping me and that is what I wanted to say … Thank You”. These words are from my last email to Danielle and I couldn’t have meant them more. Danielle is an exceptional guide and Ayurveda a powerful tool that is pointing me in the direction of better health and balance in my life. She has been supportive, understanding and patient with me as well as demonstrating a deep understanding of Ayurveda. What do you have to loose? What do you have to gain?” Mike from Oregon

“After my initial consultation and included follow up visit I am happy to say I was pleased and impressed. Danielle was very knowledgeable in the field of Ayurveda and very thorough in her questioning and diagnosis. I appreciate that she formulates all her own herbs and products. She was able to start helping me immediately with health improvements in under 2 weeks time. Also her cost (less expensive than most) are well worth the time and care she gives toward her patients.” Josiah from Colorado

“Danielle is so knowledgeable about her work. I am always excited and happy to see how easily she gets to the heart of my health issues. I cannot believe how quickly and efficiently her remedies get to the issue and get me in the right path. I love the flavors of her teas and honeys. I look forward to continuing my journey too healing with Danielle. Menopause wouldn’t be as easy without her help.” Linda from Colorado

“Danielle is a consummate professional. Her products are of the highest quality I’ve ever experienced.” LA from Virginia

“Danielle is a down to earth, unpretentious and impeccable Ayurvedic health practitioner. She asks great questions that get to the heart of the matter and based on the response develops a personalized health plan. Her approach is holistic, financially feasible and encourages the use of organic, sustainably grown and eco friendly products. She is patient and adjusts herself to your life rhythms and needs. I highly recommend both her services and products!” ND from Massachusetts

“I have been working with Danielle for about 5 months now and she has drastically helped me change my health by guiding me to take small steps and giving me achievable goals to reach. She listens to me and my needs, then plans accordingly by giving me a very organized life plan each visit, with a custom tailored herbal blend. She has been so accurate when choosing herbs for my formula. She has opened me up to amazing benefits of the Ayurvedic world and I am so grateful for her. A few changes I have seen in my health are, 13 pounds weight loss, improved digestion, energy increase, better sleep, and a huge improvement in hormonal balance. Thank you Danielle!” Andrea from Lyons, CO

“Danielle was kind, compassionate and detailed Ayurvedic practitioner. She was empathetic to my problems and took the time to make sure that I understood the medical plan of action which she was recommending. She spent 1.5 hours with me to understand my needs and never made me feel rushed. I felt very safe and comfortable. A great experience and I will reach out to her for all my future holistic health needs.” Shachi from California

“I had a 100% fantastic experience with Danielle. I felt very understood both personally and as I shared my health concerns with Danielle. I resonated deeply with the information she reflected to me through taking my pulses and the other methods of traditional Ayurvedic diagnosis that she uses. Her recommendations to me were beautifully organized, well thought-out, thorough and intelligent. I now know how to move forward with my health journey which feels empowering and comforting.Thanks Danielle”  Alexandra from Boulder, CO

“I was very pleased with the quality of the products in the cleanse kit that I just received, as well as with the very thorough consultation that I had with Danielle. She is sensitive, knowledgeable and very organized in her approach to healing. Such a high degree of quality products and customer service is refreshing. “ Laurie from New Mexico

“Curious about the healing aspects of Ayurveda, last February I took an introductory class taught by Danielle. I had already initiated some basic yoga moves a few months prior, but still did not feel balanced. I felt I needed something more, as well as a guide to steer me through my self doubts & questions.  My search ended on Danielle’s doorstep! Reading her posts, consulting with her and supplementing my meals with her homemade products have taught me how to nourish my mind, body, & spirit. In turn, my mind is clearer, my body is lighter, & my spirit is  once again at ease.  Thanks, Danielle!!!” Gretchen from Boulder, CO

“I’m grateful to have found Svastha Ayuveda. I’ve struggled with psoriasis for over two years, tried western medicine, vitamins & other remedies to no avail. This Stuff WORKS! I take the Tikta-ghrita daily, kapha honey & use mainly pitta oil on my skin. I use other products as well, but these are my staple medicines. Thank you, Danielle, for so many things!”  Amy from Oregon

“I found Danielle after searching for a well-constructed Kapha abhyanga oil. From my research and knowledge of Ayurveda, I knew the kinds of ingredients that I wanted to see in it and which ones I didn’t–Danielle’s was the only one I found that seemed perfect. I saw she was doing free consultations and scheduled an appointment.  Danielle was exceedingly generous with her time and was able to suggest adding triphala to my daily routine to start with. This was a wonderful addition to my life, especially with my Ashtanga yoga practice.  Unfortunately, due to stress, my immunity got really low during the winter of 2014/2015 and I kept catching a series of colds that would last for 3-4 weeks at a time. Additionally, my low immunity meant I was struggling getting rid of a wart I caught and couldn’t shake even after repeat visits to the doctor and trying every over the counter and alternative treatment available. I checked in with Danielle to do a more thorough consultation and she made me a special daily formula. I wish I had done this much sooner! After taking my daily formula, as well as utilizing her Immunity Tincture while traveling, I stopped getting sick, my immunity improved, and my wart completely disappeared (at the time I was also using salycic acid pads on the wart, but it wasn’t until I started the daily formula that it really started working).  Danielle is a treasure and I have recommended my friends to her. Her herbal formulas are amazing and she has been really great about working with my veganism. She helped me completely over the phone–I wish I was lucky enough to be in Boulder and see her regularly.”  Heather from D.C.

“Danielle is an amazingly gifted professional and yet a caring and gentle soul. Her expertise is evident within moments of the consultation. I have 100% trust in her abilities, Ayurvedic knowledge and warm-hearted approach to healing and healthy lifestyle instruction. I’m grateful to have located her site and hope to continue reaping the personal health benefits from her wonderful products, prompt courteous service and personal interaction.”  Alex from Illinois 

“I have had several phone sessions with Danielle for various health issues. Her advice has always been spot on. Her products are amazing! I especially love the pitta oil. It saved my dry skin this winter. Her dedication to quality products is really appreciated.” Colleen from Racine, WI

“Danielle’s Tikta Grita (bitter ghee) came highly recommended for me from my Ayurveda practitioner. I was in a bad automobile accident and suffering with pain and inflammation from serious injuries. I am not exactly sure what the ghee is doing but it helps with the inflammation and pain for sure. I take it every morning before yoga asana practice and notice a huge difference in my ability to move into my injuries. I don’t like to do with out it. I know its healing benefits are highly beneficial for me.” Lorna from New Hampshire

“Hi Danielle!  I wanted to check in and let you know that this is the first day of my Ayurvedic cleanse.  I stopped coffee 5 days ago and feel better already.  Thanks again for your support and this detox program.  I have already felt great shifts.” Lori from PA