Traditional Herbal Formulas

Churna, in Ayurveda, refers to the medicinal powdered herbs and spices that are used for a variety of healing purposes. These powdered formulas are a traditional way to get your daily herbal medicine intake. These powerful blends work on everything from balancing the mind, increasing energy, promoting digestion and elimination, aiding in weight loss and increasing immunity.   Depending on the mixture, these herbs are typically taken as a tea; mixed in a medium such as ghee, aloe or honey; or sprinkled onto food.

Organic Ayurvedic Herbal Mixtures:

Svastha Super Greens:

A complete daily green formula with an Ayurvedic twist.  This blend of green algae and green herbs will provide you with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, while providing the digestive spices to ensure complete absorption of the nutrients.  A balanced formula that will not cause gas or bloating, and holds a pleasant taste that you will not mind taking each day.  Add to water, juice or smoothies!

Daily Detox Formula:

Our 100% Organic Daily Detox Formula is a potent blend of the most powerful cleansing Ayurvedic herbs available.  This well-rounded formula targets everything from cleansing the liver and blood to increasing the digestion, flushing toxins from the GI tract, promoting healthy elimination and killing off unwanted yeast, bacteria and parasites.

Mahasudarshana Churna:

This bitter herbal mixture is one of the most healing traditional formulas for fighting infection, reducing inflammation and cleansing the blood.  Mahasudarshana is a go-to herbal remedy in times of the flu, cold or other illnesses and is a great alternative to antibiotics.

Saraswati Churna:

Saraswati Churna is a tridoshic compound, although it is mainly pacifying for Vata dosha. This ancient formula is very healing for the mind, body and soul. Saraswati Churna is a tonic for the nervous system and the adrenals, and a rejuvenative to the mind and intellect.

Trikatu Churna:

This simple “three pungent herb” mixture makes up a powerful formula to take in times of excessive Kapha, congestion, low digestion and poor circulation.  These heating herbs are great for increasing the fire element in the body, enhancing the metabolism, boosting circulation and getting things moving!

Triphala Churna:

This traditional formula is indeed a panacea in terms of cleansing the GI tract, ridding dis-ease, and enhancing cellular rejuvenation. Packed with Vitamin C and loaded with antioxidants, this churna has innumerable benefits.  Click here to read the Top 10 Health Benefits of Triphala.

Ayurvedic Digestive Spice Blends
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