Wholesale Ordering Options

Organic Ayurvedic Apothecary Exciting news!  Svastha Ayurveda is now offering wholesale and bulk order options.  Whether you are a storefront, a holistic practitioner or just an avid lover of our products, you are eligible for our wholesale pricing.  Qualifying products include our organic spice blends, herbal tea, medicated ghee, massage oils, nasya oiltinctures and syrups.  See below for more pricing details.

Wholesale Pricing Requirements:
  • Minimum order of $100, before shipping
  • First time wholesale purchases require a reduced minimum of $75
  • Orders must be placed direct by email or phone
  • Shipping charges will be applied according to the amount of purchase (see chart below)
  • Invoices must be paid in full before shipment
  • Only listed products are eligible for the discount, although any products can be included for the minimum purchase
  • Larger orders may be subject to a delayed shipment date, but will be notified before payment

**Click here for a PDF version of our Wholesale Price List.


*Light Tea Blends include the Women’s Balance Blend, OM Shanti Tea and Sleepy Tea. All the other varieties are considered the “Heavy Blends”.

We are now offering our Castor Oil Eye Drops at a 30% discount for all wholesale orders!

If you do not see an item on our wholesale chart, there will be a 10% discount applied to the product, with the exceptions of our kits which are already discounted.

Domestic Flat Rate Shipping Charges**:
  • $75-$99 (for first time orders only): $13 shipping
  • $100-$149: $15 shipping
  •  $150-$199: $17 shipping
  • $200-$249: $21 shipping
  • $250-$299: $25 shipping
  • $300-$349: $29 shipping
  • $350-$399: $33 shipping
  • $400-$500: $40 shipping
  • $500 and over: Determined upon order

**Shipping charges for international wholesale orders will be determined upon purchase.

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