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Kapha-Balancing Kit

Kapha-Balancing Kit


The Kapha Balancing Kit contains herbal remedies to alleviate a wide range of Kapha disorders including sluggish digestion, slow metabolism, weight gain, excessive toxins,  congestion, depression, lethargy, low motivation, and a dull, foggy mind.  By taking these complimentary products together, you can reduce any Kapha imbalance and find physical and emotion balance today!

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  • Increases the digestion and metabolism
  • Increases energy and motivation levels
  • Aids in weight-loss therapy
  • Boosts the mood
  • Awakens a dull, foggy mind
  • Reduces depression, sadness, and “stuck” emotions
  • Clears congestion and phlegm from the system
  • Detoxifies the system


AWAKEN Tea (8oz tin)

AWAKEN Tea is a stimulating herbal tea blend to boost the energy, metabolism, mind and mood. Beneficial for all Kapha imbalances such as poor digestion, slow metabolism, high blood sugar, excessive weight, depression, lethargy and low motivation. 100% Organic and Caffeine-Free. Read more on AWAKEN tea here.

Kapha Honey Infusion (9oz jar)

A sweet and satisfying way to increase the digestive fire of those with a Kapha imbalance. Reduces symptoms such as sluggish digestion, slow metabolism, excessive weight gain and feelings of heaviness after food intake. Read more on Kapha Honey here.

Kapha Massage Oil (4oz bottle)

A stimulating formula to reduce excessive Kapha in the body. Great for increasing circulation, enhancing metabolism, removing obstructions and stimulating a dull, sluggish mind. Read more on Kapha Massage Oil here.

Kapha Churna (2oz jar)

A mixture of freshly ground, organic spices has been formulated to treat all Kapha digestive issues such as slow digestion, slow metabolism, weight gain and sleepiness after meals. Kapha Churna can be added to any savory dish to boost the digestive fire, enhance the metabolism, increase circulation and burn toxins. Read more on Kapha Churna here.

Digestive Tonic Tincture (2oz bottle)

This tasty formula is designed to stimulate the metabolism, boost digestion, increase the absorption and assimilation of nutrients, and reduce gas and bloating. A balanced digestive fire is the first step toward ridding toxins from the body and reestablishing health. Read more on the Digestive Tonic Tincture here.

100% Copper Tongue Scraper

Tongue scraping is an essential part of any healthy Ayurvedic routine. This simple practice will help you remove toxins from the system while awakening the vital organs and stimulating digestion. Read more on the Copper Tongue Scraper here.

This Kit also includes:

  • Instructions on how to use each product
  • Kapha Food Chart
  • Kapha Dietary Guidelines
  • Tips on How to Balance Kapha


This kit has been put together for Kapha types and individuals with a Kapha imbalance.  Please see each separate product page for specific contraindications on each product.


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