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VATA-PITTA-KHAPHAA dosha is the Ayurvedic term for the 3 main energetic forces that govern our psychological and physiological actions and characteristics. These 3 doshas are known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha and are each derived from 2 of the 5 main elements Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Depending on the elements involved, the predominant qualities of the individual will reflect the qualities of those elements. For example, Vata being of Air and Space will show characteristics of dryness, spaciness, forgetfulness, and tendency toward excessive mobility in physical actions (i.e. fidgety, quick movements) and mental qualities (i.e. restless mind). Click here to read more information on “What is a Dosha”.

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Vata Dosha
Pitta Dosha
Kapha Dosha

This quiz is a good place to start to discover which dosha is most predominant in your constitution (Prakrtti). Please keep in mind that we all possess all 5 elements in our bodies and therefore possess all 3 doshas as well. If you have a tendency towards more than one of the answers in this quiz, please select the answer that pertains most strongly, most often and the most consistent throughout your entire life.

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Tips when filling out this quiz:

• Remember, your constitution (Prakrrti) is the same from birth until death; therefore try to answer thinking of how things have been throughout your ENTIRE life
• If you have acquired a disorder in your lifetime, try to answer thinking of before this occurrence
• It is possible and quite common to be predominant in more than one dosha
• If you have a hard time thinking of an answer, try to imagine how your best friend would answer this
• Be honest! We all like to think ourselves as being perfect, but answering overly optimistically or with bias will only create confusion and can lead to misdiagnosis.

After you finish and submit the quiz, we will evaluate it and email you your individual results. All submissions will be answered within 2 business days or sooner!  If for any reason you don not receive them in a timely manner, please contact us, as it may have been overlooked or lost in the shuffle.

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