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Organic Medicated Ghee

Medicated Ghee is one of the strongest methods for taking herbs, as it uses an extra slow process of extraction.  Ghee of all kinds is known to enhance the digestive fire and increase the absorption of nutrients, allowing you to get the most powerful benefits of each formula.  All of the medicated ghee here at Svastha Ayurveda is delicately handcrafted and traditionally prepared in small batches using 100% organic or wildcrafted ingredients.

  • Organic ingredients
  • Cultured, handcrafted ghee
  • Traditional formulas and recipes
  • Slow steep and high potency

Ayurvedic Ghee Formulas:

Organic Ghee:

The organic ghee at Svastha Ayurveda is a great addition to your health regimen whether used as food or medicine.  Ghee can be added to any dish to replace butter or oil, making it easier to digest while increasing the ability to absorb nutrients.  This organic ghee is traditionally made in small batches using organic cultured butter.

Majja Ghrita:

Majja Ghrita is translated as Nervous System Ghee.  This herbal tonic utilizes the most powerful Ayurvedic herbs for healing any disorder of the Nervous System while strengthening memory, intellect and concentration.  This is a great replacement for “Brahmi Ghee” and is far more effective due to the synergist approach being used.

Rasayana Ghrita:

Rasayana Ghrita is translated as Rejuvenation Ghee.  This potent mixture of Ayurvedic herbs carefully infused in ghee is a great anti-aging tonic for increasing strength, energy, vitality (Ojas), immunity, muscle mass and tissue regeneration.  This formula is a great replacement for Ashwagandha Ghee, Bala Ghee, Licorice Ghee or Shatavari Ghee and is a much more powerful tonic due to the synergistic nature of this formula.  Perfect compliment to any rejuvenation therapy and is suitable for daily use.

Tikta Ghrita:

Also known as “Bitter Ghee”, this traditional medicine is a typical panacea for cleansing therapies, especially when relating to the liver, spleen, gallbladder, blood, pancreas and GI tract. This cooling ghee is useful in all Pitta imbalances such as inflammation, acne, rash, hyper-metabolism, hormonal imbalance, hot flashes, arthritis, and liver disorders.

Triphala Ghrita:

Also known as Triphala Ghee, this traditional formula is used for both its cleansing and rejuvenation properties.  Useful for all dosha body-types, Triphala Ghee cleanses the GI tract, blood and liver; balances the hormones, promotes healthy elimination, boosts the digestion and rejuvenates the body on a cellular level. Filled with Vitamin C and antioxidants, this anti-aging tonic is also beneficial for the immunity, skin and hair. 

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