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Herb-infused oilWe have now made it a bit easier to choose which products are best for you and your individual healthcare needs.  We have divided our apothecary line into specific categories that are most commonly sought after.  Whether you are looking to spark your digestion, pacify your Vata or detox your body, we have a long list of products to choose from.  Of course if you ever have any questions, we are more than happy to be of service, so contact us at anytime!

Vata-Balancing Products 

High Vata is a very common issue in our fast-paced, high-tech society.  If you suffer from a Vata imbalance, you may be experiencing such symptoms as a restless mind, anxiety, fear, worry, panic, sleep troubles, insomnia, constipation, gas, bloating and dry skin.  Click here for our Vata-reducing product line, if this sounds like your needs!    

Pitta-Balancing Products

High Pitta often stems from excessive fire or heat in the body and the mind (did someone say hot temper?).  If your Pitta is out of balance, you may be experiencing such symptoms as anger, irritation, stress, inflammation, liver issues, hot flashes, hyperacidity, loose stools, heartburn, rash, acne, eczema or psoriasis.  Click here for our Pitta-reducing product line, if this sounds like your needs!

Kapha-Balancing Products

Are you suffering from a sluggish digestion, slow metabolism or uncontrollable weight gain?  These are clear signs that Kapha is likely increased in your system. Other signs of elevated Kapha are depression, lethargy, feelings of heaviness, lack of motivation, excessive phlegm, congestion, sinus issues, excessive oiliness and increased sweating.  Click here for our Kapha-reducing product line, if this sounds like your needs! 

Detoxification Products

Whether you are looking for a mild cleansing regimen to maintain a healthy system, or a more potent and complete detoxification program, Svastha Ayurveda has your needs covered!  As one of our areas of specialty, our complete detox line contains all of your cleansing needs from herbal teas, to ancient formulas, to powerful kits and more!  Click here to start your Ayurvedic detoxification process today!

Digestion-Enhancing Products

Did you know that improper digestion is the root cause of all disease?  If you are experiencing symptoms such as constipation, gas, bloating, loose stools, hyperacidity, malabsorption, hypersensitivity to food, inflammation, sleepiness after food or a dull appetite, your digestion is weak and needs to be repaired. Luckily, Ayurveda is a clear leader when it comes to digestive disorders, and it is no surprise that we offer an extensive product line to heal digestive disturbances of all kinds.  Click here to find all of your digestion-enhancing product needs!    

Sleep-Promoting Products

Sleep disorders are one of the leading issues suffered by countless individuals worldwide.  Whether you have issues falling asleep, staying asleep, or both, we have worked very hard to come up with a handful of products to meet your sleep trouble needs.  We know how important sleep is to your overall health and we strive to do all we can to provide you with the rest and relaxation your deserve.  Click here to start your journey to a good night’s sleep today!   

Immune Support Products

Ayurveda is a true leader in immune support.  Our immunity products are intelligently formulated to kill off everything from bacteria, viruses, fungus and all other unwanted microorganisms.  Simultaneously they have been designed to boost the immune system and increase the digestive fire (Agni), both of which suffer from depletion during any illness.  Click here for all of your cough, cold, fever and flu needs!     

Emotional Wellness Products

Ninety-nine percent of all health issues stem from a mental-emotional origin.  Whether you are suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, worry, fear, anger, depression, sadness, grief, or anything in between, it is essential to address these imbalances before they become physical symptoms in your body.  At Svastha Ayurveda, we honor this and have come up with an extensive line of emotionally-balancing, mind-boosting products to fit your mental health needs.  Click here to start your journey to emotional freedom today!  

Ayurvedic Daily Routine and Self-Care Products

If you are looking to find balance in your life, a healthy and consistent daily routine is essential.  At Svastha Ayurveda, we are strong believers in the therapy of self-care practices and therefore provide a long list of simple products to incorporate into your daily life.  Whether you prefer to start simple with scraping the tongue, or prefer a more in depth treatment such as the self-oil massage (aka abhyanga), we have your daily Ayurvedic needs.  Discover the goodness of an Ayurvedic Daily Routine here.        

New Products

So many product ideas, yet so little time.  Here at Svastha Ayurveda we are constantly on a mission to provide you with exciting new products of all kinds.  Discover our latest and greatest herbal treats here! 

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