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images (1)Thank you for stopping by our support page.  We have decided to add this page to our site in efforts to keep evolving as an informational website and as a holistic healthcare provider.  Svastha Ayurveda is dedicated to our high level of standards in our weekly blog posts as well as our extensive apothecary collection.  We also want to provide a site that shares this ancient wisdom to others whole heartedly.  All of our posts are extensively researched, originally written, and are not merely a replica of numerous other posts out there on the web.  We also pride in the fact that we are (and will always be) ad free.

So in efforts to keep our blog posts streaming, our consultation costs low and our site ad free, we humbly ask that if you appreciate our site, please show your support in anyway you can! 

How you ask ?  Here are some ideas now!

1. Help spread the word!

Small businesses rely heavily on word of mouth.  Whether you really enjoy our blog, or have found benefit from our products or consultations, please share the love and let others know we are here for them too!   

2. Like us on Facebook.

Another big provider to small businesses is social media.  As much as I don’t understand technology or the internet, I have made it a strong effort to get to know it a little better by having a website, and of course promoting it through Facebook and other social media sources.  If you haven’t already, please stop by our Facebook page and give us the old thumbs up!

3. Subscribe to our weekly blog posts.

A great way to keep updated with the extensive articles we provide is to subscribe to our weekly blog posts.  We aim for one blog per week, and absolutely guarantee that we will not email you for any other reason; there will be no spam sent and of course no sharing of your information.       

4. Make a Donation.

We have recently added this option to our site for those that have the ability to share their love through a monetary donation.  Even a dollar goes a long way in the long run!  No matter the amount, I whole heartedly promise it will be greatly appreciated and will only be used with utmost integrity.  Here are some of the ways your donations will be utilized:

  • Keeping our consultation costs affordable and offering sliding scale prices when needed
  • Better equipment for our herbal pharmacy
  • New bottles, labels, products and herbs for our pharmacy
  • Continuing to evolve our website with new offerings, blog posts and free information
  • Overhead charges for our office, video conference system, online booking system and many, many other things…
  • Eventually have a paid intern to help with emails, shipping orders and all of the little things that can slip through the cracks 

Thank you all for your consideration.  Please remember that no amount is too small!

Make a donation today! 

5. Check out our extensive herbal apothecary.

One of our unique offerings here at Svastha Ayurveda is our high quality, hand crafted, organic apothecary collection.  We provide everything from medicated ghee to tinctures, syrups, honey infusions, herbal teas, traditional formulas and digestive spice mixtures.  Supporting us by purchasing our products is a great way to say thank you to us while caring for yourself as well!  If you ever have questions on which products are best for your needs, contact us anytime!

Click here for our full apothecary menu.

6. Share a review of your product or consultation experience.

Just like word-of-mouth, small businesses strive off of reviews for shedding light on the quality of their services and products.  If you have been a client with us or have found benefit in our products, please let us hear your experiences! 

Share your testimonials through our contact page here.  

Thank you again for stopping by our Support Svastha Ayurveda page.  We appreciate each and every one of you!


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