Ayurvedic Tinctures

TincturesTinctures are a quick, convenient and effective way to get your herbal goodness. Here at Svastha Ayurveda, we use a powerful amount of “herb to alcohol ratio”, steep each batch for a minimum of 30 days and never add water to any of our formulas.  With our high quality standards of ingredients and preparation methods, we guarantee the most potent tinctures available on the market.

Ayurvedic Tincture Blends:

Sleep Easy Tincture:

A unique sleep-enhancing formula that utilizes herbs to quiet a restless mind, relax the body, reduce stress levels, and prepare one for a sound sleep.  A well-rounded formula to not only pacify the restlessness, but also heal the body, mind and nervous system.

Moon Goddess Tincture: 

A powerful formula created just for women to nourish and nurture the reproductive system and balance the hormones.  Great for all stages of a woman’s life, from menstruation to menopause.

Mind Tonic Tincture: 

This blend of herbs referred to as medhya (mentally rejuvenating) in Ayurveda works wonders in cultivating mental clarity, enhancing memory and creating emotional balance. This formula is soothing and nourishing to the nervous system while awakening the mind.

Allergy Relief Tincture: 

An amazing blend of anti-inflammatory and antihistamine herbs that help ward away allergies even at their worst. A non-drowsy formula suitable for daytime or nighttime use.

Immaculate Immunity Tincture: 

This unique formula is filled with herbs that focus on strengthening the immune system while also possessing strong anti-microbial properties. Great to take for the prevention or treatment of illnesses such as colds, flu, fever, nausea and sinus infection.

Digestive Tonic Tincture:

This tasty formula is designed to stimulate digestion, increase the absorption and assimilation of nutrients, and reduce gas and bloating. A balanced digestive fire is the first step toward ridding toxins from the body and reestablishing health.

***All tinctures are prepared with 100% organic herbs and high quality Brandy.

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