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Digestive Tonic Tincture

Digestive Tonic Tincture


This stimulating formula is useful for aiding in overall digestion, balancing the negative effects of indigestion, and removing toxins throughout the body. This powerful tonic promotes the secretion of digestive enzymes, aids in the proper absorption of nutrients, and removes gas and bloating. In Ayurveda, it is said that the first step to health and longevity is a strong, robust digestive fire.



  • Increase overall digestion
  • Reduces gas and bloating
  • Encourages the absorption and assimilation of various nutrients
  • Stimulates the release of digestive enzymes
  • Promotes systemic detoxification
  • Increases the metabolism


Should not be used during pregnancy or with children below the age of 13. This formula is slightly heating and is not recommended for those with high Pitta digestive symptoms such as hyperacidity or acid indigestion.

General Directions

Mix 3-5 dropper fulls in a ½ cup of warm water. Take 3 times daily before food intake. Use consistently for best results.

*One dropper full is the equivalent of one squeeze and equals about 30 drops.


Fennel*, Dhanya* (Coriander*), Ajwain*, Shunti* (Ginger*), Haridra* (Turmeric*), Lemongrass*, Chitraka*, Musta*, Guduchi*, Ela* (Cardamom*), Tvak* (Cinnamon*), Lavanga* (Clove*), Maricha* (Black Pepper*) and Pippali* (Indian Long Pepper*); extracted in Brandy

*Organic Ingredients


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