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Get Back to the Basics: 9 Simple Guidelines for an Ayurvedic Diet

Ayurvedic Food Combining Chart Although Ayurveda can get a bit complicated at times, I always feel that it is best to keep things simple and stick to the basics.  If you avoid getting lost in all of the information out there, you will discover that finding a healthy Ayurvedic diet doesn’t have to be overly tedious with endless lists of complex food rules and food charts.  Although these can be helpful at times, they can also lead to excessive stress around food, over-analyzation and just utter confusion.  In fact, the stress and frustration created by trying to follow anything to a tee (especially detailed food lists), can be as detrimental as some poor eating habits.  These common dietary turmoils tend to produce paranoia and fear around eating as well. Continue reading »

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Kapha Pacifying Diet

kapha-picKapha is the biological energetic force composed of the earth and water elements.  By nature, Kapha is strong, grounded, solid and sturdy; however a Kapha imbalance may manifest excessive heaviness, dullness, low motivation and lethargy.  Therefore, taking in the proper diet and eating habits is essential if these negative qualities begin to arise.  If you are a Kapha body-type or currently have a strong Kapha imbalance, you may notice such symptoms as: Continue reading »

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Vata Pacifying Diet

vata foodVata Dosha is the biological energy manifested of the air and space element.  It is cold, dry, rough and mobile by nature, and therefore any excess of this dosha will bring on similar qualities.  Through proper diet and lifestyle habits, one can learn how to balance the cold, drying properties of Vata and promote regularity in the body.  If you are a Vata body-type or currently have a strong Vata imbalance, you may notice such symptoms as: Continue reading »

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Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Travel

Vata reducing foodIn the eyes of Ayurveda, the energetic force known as Vata is inevitably increased during travel.  This leads to high anxiety, restless mind, overall depletion, gas, bloating and constipation.  Therefore, it is vital to pacify the Vata before, during and after times of travel. Continue reading »

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