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Bala: The Energizing Adaptogen for Strength and Muscle Rejuvenation

bala flowerBala in sanskrit is translated as strength and that is exactly what this Ayurvedic adaptogen is most well known for.  Bala is often used in Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies due to its stimulating, anabolic (building) nature.  Its rejuvenative properties have a special affinity for the muscles and therefore is perfect for anyone looking to build muscle tone and increase strength.  As an adaptogen, Bala also can be used to reduce stress in the body and mind to create a state of balance and homeostasis.     Continue reading »

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How to Balance Pitta Dosha

how to balance pittaPitta dosha is the biological energy that is manifested from the Fire and Water elements. As the governor of “fire,” Pitta is considered the transformational factor in the body, whether it is turning food into nutrients and energy, or transforming thoughts into feelings and emotions. Pitta’s main functions include digestion, metabolism, maintaining the body temperature, and processing all of our daily perceptions. Pitta is a much-needed force in the body, but when this fire becomes too hot, things can quickly go awry. Continue reading »

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