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Ask Ayurveda: Why is Food Combining so Important?

fruitDear Ask Ayurveda:

I have been learning about Ayurveda for a year or so now.  I think I am a Vata type.  I have learned a lot about eating for my constitution, along with other healthy Ayurvedic practices that I try to follow.  I have suffered from a weak digestion for many years, although the changes I have made through Ayurveda have helped me dramatically so far!  I have recently heard that Ayurveda puts a lot of emphasis on Food Combining.  I have tried to incorporate the little I know about this, but I am still confused and left a bit flustered.  Continue reading »

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Improper Food Combining Remedies

food combiningSo, my last article on the guidelines of proper food combining may have been a bit discouraging to some folks.  Believe me, when I first learned about these “food rules”, it took me a while to accept many of them as well.  Maybe my biggest initial heartbreak was the elimination of yogurt in my fruit smoothies.  I have since gotten over this loss, and I must mention, feel much better after my smoothies now as a result! Continue reading »

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