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Ayurvedic Home Remedies 101: Ginger, Honey and Lime Digestive Appetizer

ginger-appetizer-homer-remedyIf you are familiar at all with Ayurveda, you will know that its number one focus and goal is to establish a healthy and robust digestive fire.  There are multiple ways to go about this, and the more severe your digestive issues may be, the more changes that will need to be made.  It is important to avoid too many changes at once however, and this can be established by utilizing some simpler remedies, while slowly trying to make the more difficult changes in your diet and lifestyle.  This ginger appetizer is a perfect addition to any digestive health regimen, as it is quick to prepare and contains accessible ingredients.  It possesses a wide range of health benefits, but of course the main benefits are to boost the digestion, increase the metabolism and burn those toxins! Continue reading »

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Common Kitchen Spices and their Extraordinary Health Benefits

Ayurvedic spicesWe all know that spices are used to enhance the flavor of foods and give recipes a unique taste; but did you know, these same cooking spices are also used as healing herbs in Ayurvedic medicine? Having such health benefits as increasing digestion, burning toxins, balancing blood sugar, reducing inflammation, supporting weight loss, increasing the libido, preventing Alzheimer’s, healing asthma and calming the mind; you can indeed turn your kitchen into a complete Ayurvedic pharmacy. Continue reading »

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