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7 Powerful Ayurvedic Herbs for Detoxification and their Unique Health Benefits

Manjistha Root for Detox Detoxifying herbs are a great compliment to any cleansing program to heighten the results, but they can also be beneficial to take in smaller dosages for daily health and  maintenance.  Whether taking them for either purpose, it is important to chose the ones that are specific for your individual needs, current imbalances and overall constitution (Prakrtti).  As you will see, not all detoxifying herbs are made the same.  In fact, each herb possesses special energetics and healing properties that makes it unique when compared to the others.  So if you are looking for a detoxifying herb that is more specific for cleansing the liver, killing unwanted parasites or increasing digestion and elimination; this article will help you to decide which herb(s) may be the best options for you and your needs. Continue reading »

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Guduchi: The Divine Nectar of Ayurveda and its Powerful Healing Properties

guduchi1Guduchi is a widely used herb in the world of Ayurveda and for great reason.  This nourishing herb is also known as “Amrita” meaning Divine Nectar.  Guduchi is a well known tonic and rejuvenator, while simultaneously being a powerful blood and liver cleanser.  In Ayurveda it is considered tri-doshically healing, meaning it can be used for all body types.  Whether used for detoxification or rejuvenation, Guduchi is a great option for a diverse amount of disorders and conditions. Continue reading »

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