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28 Days to a Healthier Digestion Challenge: Week Two

Welcome to week two of our Healthy Digestion Challenge!  This week we will continue on with the recommendations from week one while bringing our focus to a few new challenges.  By making these changes to our diet and lifestyle over this 28 day period, we are hoping to shed light on where our dietary struggles lie (say giving up all white sugar), bring awareness to all of the (hidden) ingredients that are in our foods, and finally give our digestions a much needed break in order to rekindle our fire, flush away toxins and reestablish sustainable energy and health.  Continue reading »

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Ask Ayurveda: How do I get rid of the white coating on my tongue?

tongue coatingAsk Ayurveda:

“I am a 34 year old female from the Mid-West.  Since reading your “Ayurvedic Tongue Analysis” article, I have been examining my tongue each morning.  I seem to have a thick, white coating on my tongue which gets worse in the back area (although it is partially coated all over).  According to the article, the coating is due to a build-up of toxins in my body.  I am happy to have discovered this issue, but now I am left confused since I do not know how to get rid of the coating and remove these toxins. If it helps, I am 5’4, 145 pounds and have been told I am a PittaKapha body type.  My energy is fairly low at this time and I tend to gain weight easily.  I typically feel very sleepy after a meal and crave sweets often.  Please help me Ayurveda!” Continue reading »

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