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Ask Ayurveda: How do you Treat Chronic Constipation?

Big dark pink Lotus Flower photoDear Ask Ayurveda:

I am a relatively healthy man in my early 40’s.  I eat well, hold an active job and overall feel pretty good most of the time.  Although I am fairly health conscious, I have been dealing with this issue of constipation for as long as I can remember.  I began to improve my diet in my mid 30’s but the irregularity still continues.  It has gotten to the point that I typically miss 2-3 days each week.   The days that I can go to the bathroom, it is a lot of work with little reward.  I rarely ever feel “complete” after having a bowel movement.  The constipation is the worst of it, but about 5 years ago I also began to get gas, bloating and cramping that will occur a couple times a week and seems to keep getting worse.  It is really embarrassing and causes me anxiety.  It has even gotten to the point that I chose not to date as much as I would like to (I am 5 years divorced). Continue reading »

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How to Balance Vata Dosha

shirodharaVata dosha is the energetic force in the body that relates to the Air and Space element. Vata governs over all movement including circulation, respiration, and perception. Unfortunately, being the only dosha which possesses the ability to move, Vata is typically the easiest and most common dosha to become elevated or imbalanced.    Continue reading »

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