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Ask Ayurveda: What are some healthy snack options for Kapha body-types?

kape chips for kaphaDear Ask Ayurveda:

“I am a Kapha body-type and find myself frustrated once in a while at all of the food restrictions that we have to endure.  I am not currently overweight, but I definitely gain weight extremely easily if I am not careful.  I often read that Kapha types should not eat snacks between meals, and I was curious as to how strict I should be about this.  I am not trying to lose weight anymore, but I also do not want to gain weight.  I am often worried that if I do the wrong things I will be back where I was before (I have lost 30 lbs in the last 2 years).  I typically can make it through a day without snacking, but once in a while it would be nice to have some healthy options in case I want to “cheat” a little.  Do you have any suggestions on some healthy snacks that will not increase my Kapha or cause me to gain weight?” Happy Kapha from California Continue reading »

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Kapha Pacifying Diet

kapha-picKapha is the biological energetic force composed of the earth and water elements.  By nature, Kapha is strong, grounded, solid and sturdy; however a Kapha imbalance may manifest excessive heaviness, dullness, low motivation and lethargy.  Therefore, taking in the proper diet and eating habits is essential if these negative qualities begin to arise.  If you are a Kapha body-type or currently have a strong Kapha imbalance, you may notice such symptoms as: Continue reading »

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Kapha Diet Chart

kapha saladDue to the heavy nature of Kapha dosha, the diet is extremely important when trying to balance this biological energy.  If you are of a Kapha constitution or else have a strong Kapha imbalance, then here is a chart that will help you to decide which food types to consume and which ones to avoid.  Since Kapha is related to the earth and water elements, these favorable foods will help create lightness in the body and mind while reducing sluggishness and lethargy. Continue reading »

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