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Kapikacchu: A Rejuvenative Tonic for the Mind, Muscles and Reproductive Organs

kapikachu plant imageKapikacchu (aka Atma Gupta) is a large bean-sized seed that is most well known for its use in rejuvenating the nervous system, muscles and reproductive tissue.  Overall this Ayurvedic herb is considered a rejuvenating tonic (rasayana) as it strengthens the muscles, promotes energy and increases the sexual potency (libido).  It is one of the best options in any sexual disorder including impotence, premature ejaculation and low libido.  It enhances fertility and the root was traditionally taken for those wishing to conceive a male prodigy.  More recently Kapikacchu has been praised for its ability to increase levels of levodopa (l-dopa), a powerful precursor to dopamine, making this a great option for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, depression or addiction issues.  Continue reading »

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