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The Many Health Benefits of Pranayama and How to Begin your Practice

Pranayama is the powerful practice of controlling one’s breath.  The health benefits are quite substantial, and generally speaking, include healing the mind, the nervous system and of course the physical body.  Since Pranayama works so intimately with the subtle, energetic body, it is of great importance to utilize the many different breathing variations properly.  This will allow one to reap the full benefits of the practice, as well as avoid harming the system further.  Whatever your goals are for establishing a Pranayama practice, this article will share a bit of ancient knowledge with you to help get you started!

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12 Ways to Increase Healthy Prana

prana!Prana, sometimes translated as the lifeforce, is the subtle energetic force that is responsible for our respiration, oxygenation and circulation. In fact, Prana governs over all movement and sensory functions. Therefore healthy, vital Prana is needed for proper functioning of all channels (nadis), organs and systems in our body. Prana is the subtle essence of Vata dosha and thus is also comprised mainly of the elements, ether and air. Being the only subtle energetic force that involves movement, Prana also governs over its related counterparts, Ojas (vitality, immunity) and Tejas (transformational factor).  Consequently, disturbed Prana can result is disturbed Ojas and Tejas as well. Continue reading »

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Nadi Shodhana: Alternate Nostril Breathing for Balancing the Body and Mind

nadi shodhanaIn both Yoga and Ayurveda, Nadi Shodhana is quite possibly the most revered of all forms of Pranayama (breathing practices).  “Nadi” is a term to denote the subtle energetic channels of the body while “Shodhana” relates to a cleansing process.  Hence this most sattvic (balanced, peaceful) of Pranayama techniques is intended to purify our energetic channels, physical channels, our nervous system and the subtle body. Continue reading »

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