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Ask Ayurveda: What is the Best Type of Ayurvedic Detox for Vata Types?

kitchari cleanseAsk Ayurveda: 

“I am curious about detoxing and Ayurveda.  I try to do a cleanse at least twice a year, and in the past I have typically done either juice fasts or even water fasts.  I recently saw an Ayurvedic practitioner in my area and they assessed that I was a Vata type.  I have since read more on Vata body-types and it seems like raw juice and fasting is not recommended for me.  I guess it makes sense since I get really spacey, lethargic, gassy and constipated during the fasts.  It  is great that I learned this information, but now I am looking to do a cleanse in the near future.  What is the best Ayurvedic cleanse for Vata types?  I work a lot, so I hopefully can sustain my energy during the cleanse as much as possible!”  Detox Dilemma Continue reading »

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Abhyanga: The Ayurvedic Self-Oil Massage

ayurvedic massageOne of my most favorite rituals in the science of Ayurveda is definitely the practice of Abhyanga. Translated as “to oil” (abhya) and “limb” (anga), this nourishing self-oil application truly heals the body and soul from the outside in. Continue reading »

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