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Yoga Pose of the Month: Vrksasana

vrksasanaWith the Fall season in full effect, it is the perfect time for a grounding pose to honor one of the very things that makes Fall so special, the trees.  Vrksasana, also known as Tree Pose, is a great way to find balance and stability during this season of Vata dosha.  This season is known to increase issues such as a restless mind, anxiety, worry and fear, all of which can be calmed with regular practice of this posture.  Vrksasana teaches us a strong sense of rootedness, all while finding the softness and ease that is equally as important for standing comfortably in this powerful asana. Continue reading »

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Yoga Pose of the Month: Horse Stance

horse stanceFor this month of September, with Fall in the air, the Yoga focus of this month is the infamous Horse Stance.  This static pose is not only extremely grounding as we come into this disrupted season of Vata, but also strengthening and warming as well.  Performing this stance at the beginning of your practice will not only bring heat and flexibility to the body, but allow one to really find their foundation and center as they come into their practice. Continue reading »

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