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Yoga Pose of the Month: Supported Supta Badhakonasana

SuptaBadhakonasana2Winter is a time of restoration, relaxation and hibernation and therefore our daily activities should reflect our environmental needs.  Supta badhakonasana (lit. reclined bound angle pose) is arguably one of my most favorite restorative asanas that I use on a regular basis.   The “supported” version uses pillows or bolsters behind the back to increase the restorative nature of this pose and promote comfort, healing and relaxation even further.  This posture is useful for grounding the energy and calming the mind (aka Vata), relieving any stress and constriction in the body.  It is a great pose for women to practice during menstruation as it removes obstructed or stagnant energy in the uterus, almost instantly alleviating pain and cramping.  Supta Badhakonasana also gives space to all of the organs in the solar plexus region and therefore is beneficial for increasing healthy digestion when practiced on a regular basis. Continue reading »

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