Saraswati Churna

Saraswati Churna

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Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess whom represents speech, knowledge, wisdom, learning, art, music, creativity, and inspiration. This formula is named after Goddess Saraswati, and is often taken to calm the mind and stimulate clarity, focus, memory, intellect, and speech.  Saraswati Churna supports a healthy nervous system, healthy adrenals, and healthy mental-emotional functioning.



  • Supports nervous system health
  • Supports adrenal health
  • Increases the memory
  • Enhances the intellect
  • Improves concentration
  • Relieves anxiety, fear and worry
  • Reduces stress
  • May be beneficial in epilepsy
  • May support ADHD, ADD, and similar behavioral issues
  • Pacifies all doshas, but mainly Vata
  • Increases digestion
  • Increases immunity
  • Increases energy and stamina

Ayurvedic Effects

  • Ushna Virya (heating formula)
  • Vata ↓
  • Pitta ↑↓*
  • Kapha ↓

*Due to the warming nature of this formula, Pitta may increase in excess.  To make this formula less heating, Pitta types should take it in warm milk or ghee.


Saraswati churna should not be taken while pregnant or nursing.

General Directions

Take ½ teaspoon, 2 to 3 times daily after meals. Mix this formula in warm water, warm milk, honey, or ghee depending on the needs of the individual. If you are unsure which option is best, mix in warm water.


Ashwagandha*, Shankapushpi*, Brahmi*, Ajwain*, Shunti* (Ginger*), Jirak* (Cumin*), Krishna Jirak* (Black Cumin*), Maricha* (Black Pepper*), Pippali* (Indian Long Pepper*), Yasthimadhu* (Licorice*), Vacha*, Mineral Salt

*Organic Ingredients

1 review for Saraswati Churna

  1. Katie M

    Super happy with this! Getting more words and full sentences from my son with speech apraxia

    • Danielle

      Hi Katie,

      Thank you so much for sharing your son’s experience with us! I am so happy to hear it has helps improve his speech apraxia. Please let me know if any questions come up and I will be happy to help.

      Many blessing to you and your son:)


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