Organic Castor Oil Eye Drops

Organic, Hexane-Free Castor Oil Eye DropsThis traditional Ayurvedic remedy is so simple, yet so effective!  Whether you are suffering from dry, itchy eyes; allergies, redness, inflammation, bacterial infection, cataracts, glaucoma, styes or any eye issue in between, these eye drops can be used for quick relief and direct healing.  As an added bonus, this oil can also be massaged around the eyes for treating and preventing wrinkles and removing dark under eye circles.  Our high quality castor oil is always 100% organic and hexane-free.

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Health Benefits and Uses:
  • Instantly treats dry, itchy and red eyes
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Removes styes
  • Treats conjunctivitis (aka Pink Eye) and other eye infections
  • Reduces healing time for subconjuntival hemorrhage (broken blood vessels in the eye)
  • Reduces cataract and glaucoma
  • Prevents and treats wrinkles
  • Reduces under eye circles
  • Thickens the eyelashes

Castor Oil Eye Drops


Generally there are no side effects for castor oil eye drops.  However, since we all have unique reactions to oils and herbs, it is always recommended to use only a small amount to begin.  If any negative reaction does occur, discontinue use immediately. 

**Scroll to the bottom of the page for Commonly Asked Questions!
General Instructions:

Always make sure the eyes are clean, dry and without any makeup.  Tilt the head back slightly and apply 1-2 drops into each eye upon awakening.  For severe issues apply this dosage again before bed.  After application, close the eyes and massage on and around the eye gently.  Allow the oil to penetrate in and avoid washing it out.  If the outer eyes are too oily, dab with a piece of tissue to remove any excess oil around the eye (optional). 

**For dry, itchy and red eyes, feel free to apply the castor oil eye drops as needed during flare-ups for instant relief. 

**For anti-wrinkle treatment, you can avoid placing the drops into the eye (unless desired otherwise) and simply massage several drops around the eye.  Do not remove the oil after application and allow it to penetrate in completely.  Apply this each night before bed and again in the morning. 


100% organic, hexane-free, expeller pressed Castor Oil


  • 2oz bottle: $12.00  
  • 4oz bottle: $20.00 


Commonly Asked Questions:

1. Are the Castor Oil Eye Drops organic?

The castor oil used in our eye drops is certified USDA organic; however, Svastha Ayurveda does not currently have a certified organic license for any of their products.

2. How long will the Castor Oil Eye Drops stay fresh?

Due to our small batch sizes, we guarantee complete freshness in our eye drops (and all of our products).  As long as the eye drops are kept in a dry and sterile environment, out of the sun and in stable temperatures under 75 degrees, this oil will stay vital for 1-2 years.

3. Are the Castor Oil Eye Drops sterile?

Yes, the oil we receive comes sterile and we are extremely cautious to sterilize all of our bottles before filling.  This is done by first rinsing off any debris on the bottle, followed by a heat induced sterilization.  This not only sterilizes the bottles, it does it without the use of any chemicals to make it even safer for the eye drops.   

4. Are the Castor Oil Eye Drops cold-pressed?

No, our Castor Oil Eye Drops are instead expeller pressed.  This is a natural, chemical-free way to extract the oil from the castor bean.  The typical heat range from this type of extraction is about 140–210 °F (60–99 °C).  You can read more on the definition of expeller pressed here.

5. Isn’t cold-pressed castor oil better for the eye drops?

Cold-pressed is often better for fragile and edible oils such as olive oil.  This method allows for a higher nutrient quality and a better taste.  However, with the castor oil, this oil is much more durable and can take hotter temperatures with less instability.  The fact that it is not taken for its taste or nutrient content, but rather its properties, makes it just as beneficial for the eyes when applied externally.

6. Are the Castor Oil Eye Drops hexane-free?

Yes, they are 100% free of all chemicals.

7. Are there any other ingredients in the Castor Oil Eye Drops?

No, there are no other ingredients.  It simply contains 100% high quality organic castor oil.

8. Does the Castor Oil Eye Drops come in a plastic or glass bottle?

Our eye drops always come in a safe and sterile glass bottle.

9. Can the Castor Oil Eye Drops be applied daily?

Generally speaking, yes.  This remedy is typically safe and gentle enough for daily use without creating any side effects.  It is actually often recommended to use daily with any severe or chronic issue.  If you are worried however, it is probably best to consult with a knowledgeable Ayurvedic practitioner before using.

10. Are the Castor Oil Eye Drops safe to apply after Lasik eye surgery? 

The eye drops should not be applied during the healing phase directly after surgery.  This can vary with each individual, but ideally should be avoided for at least the first month post-surgery.  After this period, it is safe and beneficial to use the Castor Oil Eye Drops as needed. 

11. Are the Castor Oil Eye Drops safe for those with sensitive eyes?

Generally speaking yes.  As long as you hold no allergy to castor oil, it is not only safe for sensitive eyes, but will counterbalance the redness, itchiness and dryness that often comes with sensitive eyes. 

12. Are the Castor Oil Eye Drops safe for those with red, dry, itchy eyes?

YES!! In fact this is probably the main reason most individuals use this product… and with very effective results. 

13. Are the Castor Oil Eye Drops safe for those with cataracts or glaucoma?

Yes, in fact they are highly recommended for the treatment and prevention of these eye diseases along with many others eye issues.

14. Can the Castor Oil Eye Drops help with vision issues?

This is a case by case answer.  It has been shown to help if the vision issue stems from inflammation, scar tissue or chronic irritation, as the castor oil is used to combat all of these issues.

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