7 Reasons To Start Your Day with a Warm Glass of Water

drinking-hot-water-with-lemonIt is a well known fact that it is very important to get your appropriate water intake each day to stay hydrated and healthy.  But did you know that adding the simple routine of starting your day with about 16 ounces of warm water can have massive effects on your health and vitality? 

Ayurveda proves time and time again that everything healthy doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive.  We indeed have the power of our health in our own hands.  Here  are some of the many reasons you should add this simple practice to your daily routine.

1.  Refreshes and Hydrates the Body.  After not drinking water for 8 hours, our entire body is on the verge toward dehydration.  By drinking warm water first thing after waking up, you replenish this hydration and nourish each little cell in the body.

2.  Awakens the mind.  By hydrating the body first thing, you automatically are hydrating the brain as well.  This increases blood flow to the brain, bringing clarity and rejuvenation to the mind.

3.  Flushes out stagnant toxins.  Drinking warm water first thing in the morning will spark the energy of all the vital organs, including the liver and the kidneys, our keys to detoxification.  By activating these organs right after awakening, you help to flush the system from any toxins that have become stagnant throughout the night.

4.  Increases the Digestive Fire.  This simple practice is also a great way to increase the Agni, or digestive fire, in the body.  This in turn increase digestion, assimilation and elimination of the past days food substances and overall increase the metabolism.  Please do note that the water must be warm.  If you add cold water to the system, you actually inhibit the digestion by causing constriction throughout the GI tract.

5.  Increases overall energy.   So many individuals have a hard time getting going in the morning, but a large part of it may be due to cellular dehydration.  Although a cup of coffee  will give a caffeinated boost to your morning, it will also send your body into further dehydration, leading to greater fatigue by the afternoon.  While dehydration causes fatigue and depletion, beginning your day with hydration creates just the opposite, energy and nourishment.  So go ahead and have that cup of coffee, just make sure to drink your water first; and who knows, maybe you’ll find you don’t even need it!

6.  Beautifies the complexion.  The health of the skin is directly related to the liver health and the amount of toxins in the body.  By flushing out the system first thing each morning and activating the liver energy, you will begin to notice the health of your complexion improving as well.  The vital hydration in the early morning will also bring a softness to the skin and a glow to the complexion.

7.  Decreases hunger.  Hunger is often caused by the hidden feeling of  being thirsty.  By drinking some warm water in the morning you not only avoid this false hunger, you will also fill up the stomach part way, allowing less room for food.  This of course means it will take less food intake to feel that desired fullness.  

****For an added bonus to your health, add some fresh lemon juice to the warm water.  This will enhance all the mentioned benefits while adding a few more, such as boosting the immune system, balancing your pH levels and flushing out your urinary tract system.

So give it a shot and see how a simple change in your morning routine can really increase your quality of life throughout each day.


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  1. simonyadig April 1, 2014 at 12:39 am #

    When you say warm water, do you mean room temperature or luke warm?

    • Danielle April 2, 2014 at 12:01 pm #

      Good question! I would most recommend the water to be fairly warm, as in almost hot. I tend to heat my water to just under a boil. The reason for this is that warm/hot water is much better for flushing out the system, just as washing dishes is much more effective using hot water. It also kindles the digestion, whereas cold water will constrict the system. Sorry, long answer to a short question. Hope this helps!!

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