How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

ayurveda and travelingAlthough traveling may be fun, exciting and filled with adventure; it can also be highly disruptive, causing disequilibrium and Vata aggravation to the entire system.

Have you ever noticed that when you travel, your digestion becomes slow, sluggish and sometimes even stagnant?  Your body soon follows this pattern, becoming achy and fatigued.  The mind, also affected, becomes lethargic and dull.  Despite the overall sluggish state the system is forced into, sleep becomes restless, light and interrupted, leading you deeper into this foggy state of depletion.

The good news for all of you travelers, drifters and wanderers out there, is that none of these unwanted, seemingly inevitable symptoms have to manifest.  With the help of Ayurveda, you can indeed find your equilibrium, whether traveling across the state or across the world.  The key is to prepare properly, bringing the necessary herbs, oils and elixirs, while creating a realistic strategy for your traveling diet and overall routine.

A few things to keep in mind with these recommendations:

  • For the greatest results, it is important to start all of these recommendations and herbal regimens at least a week before the first day of travel
  • Do as many recommendations as possible without adding to the inevitable stress that comes with traveling
  • Planning and preparing ahead will greatly improve the chances of following the recommendations with the least amount of added stress
  • Packing appropriately will also aid in helping to create ease in travel
  • A quick, all inclusive option for herbal remedies can be found in my Ayurvedic Traveler’s Kit

Since this can be a lot to take in, I have decided to break this topic up into sections.  Please take with you as much as you need, without feeling overwhelmed.  As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.

Keep in mind that planning ahead will help you fulfill these regimens.  Although this will initially take a little time and effort, this will be well worth it for you in the long run.  Even if you are only traveling for a week, the depletion resulting could cause disequilibrium for many weeks to come.

***Check out my all inclusive Ayurvedic Traveler’s Kit and be fully prepared for whatever may come your way!


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