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Ask Ayurveda: How can I get Turmeric into my Daily Diet?

turmeric2Dear Ask Ayurveda:

“I have been hearing a lot about turmeric lately and all of its amazing health benefits.  I have acne and liver issues and I have read that turmeric may be useful for these conditions (among many others).  I do not typically use many spices in my meals and never cook Indian dishes.  Do you have any suggestions on how I can get turmeric into my daily diet?  I do not have any experience cooking with it, but it sounds like it would be really beneficial for me so I would love to find some ways to sneak it in.”  Turmeric Novice Continue reading »

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Turmeric: The Root of Life

turmericTurmeric, admittedly one of my most favorite herbs, is steadily becoming more and more popular here in the West.  Whether used as a culinary spice or herbal medicine, this bright, beautiful creation of nature has a multitude of health benefits hidden within. Continue reading »

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