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How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain with Ayurveda

Winter is a great time of year for slowing down and taking it easy.  However, this “taking it easy” can often turn into a sluggish, sedentary lifestyle before too long.  This paired with the common factor of wintertime comfort foods (pizza, pasta, casseroles, etc) and endless holiday treats can often lead to gaining the “inevitable” ten plus pounds before springtime manifests.  Whether you are looking to lose the weight that has already been put on, or you are just looking to maintain the weight you are at, Ayurveda has many recommendations to keep the weight off all winter long!  Continue reading »

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Punarnava: An Ayurvedic Herb for Kidney Health, Congestion, Water Retention and all Things Kapha

punarnava rootAlthough Punarnava has not made its way mainstream here in the West, it is one of the most widely used herbs for Kapha imbalances in the world of Ayurveda.  Punarnava itself means “one that renews, repairs and regenerates the tissues”, and therefore it is also classified as a Rasayana or rejuvenative herb.  Punarnava is specific for both kidney and urinary issues, as well as edema (fluid retention), heart conditions, excessive weight and obesity, congestion, sluggish digestion and glaucoma; all of which can be classified under Kapha disorders. Continue reading »

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Herbal Remedies for Weight Loss

herbs for weight lossAs with most disorders, herbs are a great compliment to an effective weight-loss plan.  Taking the proper herbal remedies will provide a basis for removing deep rooted toxins, increase the digestion, increase the metabolism, scrape unwanted fat from the system, increase the energy and balance the emotions.  Continue reading »

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