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Tulsi, Ginger, Turmeric Tea Recipe

One of my favorite elements about the fall is being able to enjoy a warm glass of tea as I bundle up in a warm cozy blanket. This particular Ayurvedic tea recipe is exceptionally spectacular, as it is immune boosting, digestion enhancing, detoxifying, bug-killing, delicious goodness in one soothing cup. Continue reading »

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Tulsi: The Healing Properties of a Sacred Herb

tulsi tea  health benefitsTulsi Tea has been known as Holy Basil for thousands of years, as even its presence is purifying and satvic (peaceful) in nature.  In India, this sacred plant is often kept in each family’s house or yard, allowing it to bestow its blessings onto each home.  It is used as an offering in holy Hindu rituals and is thought of as the Earthly manifestation of the Goddess Tulsi, a consort of Vishnu.  Although said to be spiritually cleansing, the presence of the Tulsi plant is also physically cleansing, as it is known to absorb positive ions and energize negative ones; clearing the air of dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, odors, cigarette smoke, bacteria and viruses. Continue reading »

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