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Ayurvedic Sleep Report Part 5: Ayurvedic Treatment for a Pitta Sleep Disorder

pitta-sleepMoving onto Part 5 of this series, we find ourselves looking more in depth into a sleep disorder that is caused by increased Pitta (fire) in the system.  Although most sleep disorders have some component of a Vata imbalance related to them, this is not always the main dosha at hand.  A pitta sleep disorder is often characterized by increased heat in the system, inflammation, anger, irritability, hyper-metabolism, low blood sugar, overworking and/or excessive critical thinking.  Therefore in order to provide effective treatment to this type of sleep disorder, we must balance out the overactive fire in both the body and mind. Continue reading »

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How to Modify the Kitchari Cleanse for your Dosha

vata kitchari ingredientsThe Kitchari Cleanse is a common protocol for detoxification in Ayurveda.  Although it is widely practiced, there are many different methods of administration depending on the needs of the individual.  Therefore it is essential to establish any disorder or imbalance that is currently present in order to gain the most out of your cleanse, and more importantly avoid further complications.   Continue reading »

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The Health Benefits and Uses of Tikta Ghrita

tikta ghritaTikta Ghrita is translated as “bitter ghee” and it is precisely this; ghee infused with the most powerful bitter herbs that Ayurveda has to offer.  Ayurveda often uses medicated ghee infusions to administer herbs, as this allows for deeper penetration of the herb and therefore an overall more potent action and effect.  The main bitter herbs of Ayurveda include Neem, Kutki, Kalmegha, Bhumyamalaki, Turmeric, Daruharidra, Karella (bitter melon) and Musta among many others.  Although these herbs all have their own unique actions, they do possess similar qualities such as being detoxifying, cooling (mostly), reducing (catabolic), anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and act specifically on the liver and blood.  Continue reading »

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Hydrating Electrolyte Water Recipe

electrolyte water recipeElectrolytes such as sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and phosphate are our bodies forms of energy and fuel.  In times of dehydration, excessive heat, heavy sweating and intense exercise, our bodies can get depleted of these natural energy sources causing weakness and fatigue.   This simple drink recipe will refuel you in a healthy way, while cooling excessive heat in the body and keeping your system hydrated.  Continue reading »

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How to Balance Pitta Dosha

how to balance pittaPitta dosha is the biological energy that is manifested from the Fire and Water elements. As the governor of “fire,” Pitta is considered the transformational factor in the body, whether it is turning food into nutrients and energy, or transforming thoughts into feelings and emotions. Pitta’s main functions include digestion, metabolism, maintaining the body temperature, and processing all of our daily perceptions. Pitta is a much-needed force in the body, but when this fire becomes too hot, things can quickly go awry. Continue reading »

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What is a Dosha?

doshaA dosha is a Sanskrit term that represents one of the main concepts behind traditional Ayurvedic medicine.  It is sometime referred to as a “bodily humor” in English, but even this has vague meaning. Continue reading »

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Cooling Cucumber Coconut Juice

summer juice recipeAs we get deeper into the heat of summer, it is more vital than ever to stay cool, hydrated and keep Pitta, the fire element in the body, at bay. This refreshingly hydrating juice recipe is packed with electrolytes and heat reducing ingredients such as cooling cucumber and lime juice. Continue reading »

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