Herbal Remedies for Weight Loss

herbs for weight lossAs with most disorders, herbs are a great compliment to an effective weight-loss plan.  Taking the proper herbal remedies will provide a basis for removing deep rooted toxins, increase the digestion, increase the metabolism, scrape unwanted fat from the system, increase the energy and balance the emotions.  As mentioned earlier, these will only truly work when they are done in accordance with the proper diet and lifestyle practices mentioned in the previous articles.  Since each individual requires different herbal treatment, it is recommended that these remedies be taken under a knowledgeable Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Here is a list of herbal remedies that are appropriate for a weight-loss plan.  Please note that these are listed as separate recommendations and are not meant to be utilized all together.  Only 1-3 remedies should be applied at any given time.

  • Take ½ tsp of Trikatu Churna 30 minutes before each meal. Mix with 1 tsp of honey and ¼ cup of warm water.  This is a traditional formula for increasing digestion and metabolism while removing toxins.
  • Take ½ tsp of Triphala Churna before bed each night. Mix the powder in ½ cup of warm water and let steep for 5 minutes but do not strain.  Read more on the health benefits of Triphala here.
  • Take ½ tsp of the combination Punarnava, Kutki and Chitrak, three times daily before meals. This mixture will enhance the digestive fire, burn toxins, cleanse the liver and blood, reduce inflammation and remove heaviness and congestion.
  • Take ½ tsp of guggulu, three times daily after meals. This can be plain guggulu, Punarnava guggulu, Kanchanara guggulu or Triphala guggulu depending on the individual needs.  In general, this resin is well-known for its “scraping” ability as it literally removes fat, toxins and cholesterol from the body.
  • Add Agni Churna spice to the lunch and dinner. This spice mixture has been formulated to increase digestion, reduce heat and inflammation, increase the absorption of nutrients and remove toxins.  Ayurvedic Breakfast Spices can be used for the morning meal.
  • Take 1 tsp of Mahasudarshana Churna each morning on an empty stomach. This ancient bitter formula will burn toxins, remove Kapha from the system, reduce sweet cravings, kill yeast and bacteria and increase the digestive force.
  • For excessive weight with high blood sugar levels take ½ tsp of karalla, shardunika and chitrak in 1/2 cup of warm water before each meal.
  • Take 1/2 tsp of Shilajit, three times daily before meals.  This powerful resin-like substance is well-known for its ability to reduce weight, balance blood sugar, lower cholesterol, decrease blood pressure and remove toxins while enhancing energy and rejuvenating the system on a cellular level.  Read more on the health benefits of Shilajit here.
  • Take 1 small spoonful of Kapha Honey Infusion 30 minutes before each meal.  This digestive aid has been specifically formulated to increase the digestive force, burn toxins, enhance the metabolism and stimulate the circulation.
  • Take 3-5 dropper-fulls of Digestive Tonic Tincture 30 minutes before each meal.  This potent herbal extract is great for any symptoms of indigestion including gas, bloating, heaviness after food and malabsorption of nutrients.  This health tonic will stimulate the metabolism and burn unwanted toxins in the system.
  • Performing a proper Cleanse or Detox program is highly beneficial for weight reduction, removing toxins, increasing the digestion and sparking the metabolism.  Try my 7-day Herbal Detox Kit for all of your cleansing needs!
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