5 Effective Herbal Remedies for Healthy Travel

ginger for travelHerbal remedies are a must during travel to keep both the mind and the body in balance.  The key focus should be to kindle digestion, aid in elimination, boost immunity and relax the nerves.  Here are a few of my top picks:


  1. Don’t forget the Ginger!  Since digestion tends to become slow and stuck while traveling, it is very important to add herbs that will spark the digestive fire during this time.   You can take the ginger in a capsule form, mix the powder in honey or drink ginger tea frequently throughout your trip.  It is especially vital to take this on the first day of travel: before, during and after the transportation phase (i.e. flight, car ride, etc).
  1. Take Triphala before bedtime.  Triphala is an ancient herbal formula that is great for strengthening digestion, cleansing the liver and blood, increasing elimination and boosting the immune system.  It is recommended to take ½-1 tsp mixed in ½ cup of warm water.  Take this each night, about 30 minutes before bedtime.  For the greatest results, begin this regimen one week before the first day of travel and take consistently until one week after arriving back home.
  1. Immaculate Immunity Tincture.  It is well known that you are exposed to many new pathogens during travel.  This increased exposure often comes at a time when the immune system is weak due to all of the stress and chaos that traveling brings.  This tincture is filled with the most potent anti-microbial, immune-boosting herbs available to help you ward off illness during travel.  Tinctures are a convenient way to get your herbs during travel, and they come in a 2 ounce size that can be taken on board an airplane.
  1. Digestive Tonic Tincture.  This tincture is filled with powerful, digestion enhancing herbs to keep things moving in the right direction, while warding away uncomfortable symptoms of indigestion such as gas and bloating.  Once again, tinctures are a convenient method of taking herbs during times travel.  This tincture should be taken before each meal, especially on the day of transportation.
  1. Add a natural sleep aid to your bedtime routine.  Whether you are changing time zones or not, traveling quite often leads to light, interrupted sleep cycles.  It is a great idea to prepare for this by packing an herbal sleepy tea or tincture to prevent this disruption.  Great options are my Sleepy tea or Sweet Dreams tincture.

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