Sleep-Promoting Products

Sleep disorders are one of the leading issues suffered by countless individuals worldwide.  Whether you have issues falling asleep, staying asleep, or both, we have worked very hard to come up with a handful of products to meet your sleep trouble needs.  We know how important sleep is to your overall health and we strive to do all we can to provide you with the rest and relaxation your deserve.  Scroll down to discover our full line of safe and effective herbal sleep products.  

Herbal Teas

Sleepy Tea

Sleepy tea is a gentle, soothing way to relax the mind after a long day. Filled with calming herbs from both the East and West, our Sleepy Tea is truly a unique and powerful blend that stands out from the rest.  Sleepy Tea is great bedtime companion for winding down, relieving stress and easing you into a deep night’s sleep.  100% Organic and Caffeine-Free.

Medicated Ghee

Majja Ghrita

Majja Ghrita is translated as nervous system Ghee.  This herbal tonic utilizes the most powerful Ayurvedic herbs for calming and strengthening the nervous system, stabilizing the emotions, pacifying Vata imbalance, reducing stress levels and overtime promoting deep, restful sleep.    

Medicated Oils

Nidra Nasya

A unique and powerful Ayurvedic formula for rest and relaxation!  This “Sleep Nasya” is a sesame oil base with a combination of herbs for quieting the mind, reducing anxiety, alleviating stress, easing one into sleep and allowing one to stay asleep longer.  The direct application of these herbs to the mind makes Nidra Nasya unlike any other natural sleep aid, and although it is quite effective, it is gentle enough for nightly use!

Vata Massage Oil

A warming and soothing, herb-infused oil to calm the body and mind at the end of a long day.  Often used to massage the scalp, forehead and feet before bed to ground the energy and prepare one for a sound sleep.  On extra restless nights, a full body (self) oil massage can be performed with the Vata Massage Oil to relax the nervous system and reduce stress and tension throughout the body.

Herbal Extract (Tincture) and Elixirs

Sleep Easy Tincture

A unique sleep formula that utilizes herbs to quiet a restless mind, relax the body, reduce stress levels, and prepare one for a sound sleep.   An intelligently created, well-rounded formula to not only pacify the restlessness, but overtime, heal the body, mind and nervous system. 

Sleep Easy Syrup

A potent relative to the Sleep Easy Tincture, this sleep-inducing syrup gives the benefit of relaxing a restless mind, reducing stress and anxiety, calming agitated emotions and allowing one to fall asleep with ease.  A powerful, yet tasty formula you will enjoy taking each night.


Ginger Bath Blend

A classic Ayurvedic blend to promote relaxation throughout the body, while reducing pain, inflammation and stiffness.  A great way to calm the nervous system, reduce stress and quiet the mind, as an essential part of any nighttime routine!

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