Soothing Sinus Nasya

Nasya is the Ayurvedic treatment for the administration of herbal medicine through the nasal passage.  Soothing Sinus Nasya is an antimicrobial formula used to treat most sinus issues and allergy symptoms.  This nasal oil is a powerful treatment for sinus infection, dryness, irritation, headaches, earache and overall congestion.  SS Nasya is composed of the essential Ayurvedic anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory herbs to produce an effective treatment for a wide variety of sinus cavity disorders.  SS Nasya can be used daily for the prevention of seasonal allergies and sinus issues by administering the oil before the onset of sinus or allergy season.  Alternatively, this nasal oil can be used as part of the treatment process to negate symptoms, heal infection and prevent future flare-ups.

Health Benefits and Uses:
  • Treats and prevents sinus infection (both acute and chronic)
  • Reduces inflammation in the nasal cavity and sinus passage
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral
  • Relieves sinusitis and rhinitis
  • Relieves allergy symptoms including nasal inflammation, irritation, congestion and dryness; itchy eyes, scratchy throat and runny nose
  • Useful in conjunctivitis (pink eye) or any red, itchy, irritated eye issues
  • Relieves earache and ear infection
  • Alleviates tinnitus symptoms
  • Treats migraines and headaches (both acute and chronic)
  • Relieves mental fog, dull mind and “heaviness” in the head
  • Removes congestion in the nasal passage, sinuses and throat
  • Lubricates the nasal passage and throat
  • Reduces Kapha and Pitta dosha
  • Used during an Ayurvedic cleanse to remove residual doshas


Nasya of any kind should be avoided during pregnancy and menstruation.  Young children under 7 and elderly over 80 should avoid all nasya therapies.  Nasya is not recommended on a full stomach, directly before exercise, during high fever, during a nose bleed, or at times of breathing difficulties such as asthma attacks.

General Instructions: 

Slightly warm the oil by placing the bottle in warm water for several minutes.  Avoid using hot water as it can crack the glass bottle and overheat the oil.  Lie down and tilt the head back slightly.   Apply 1-5 drops of the oil into each nostril.  Take a large inhale through each nostril.  Keep the head back for 2-3 minutes, letting the oil penetrate into the sinus cavity.  Avoid going out into cold weather for 1-2 hours after application.          

SS Nasya can be administered 1-3 times a day as needed.  This can be as prevention before a suspected infection, allergy season or allergy attack; or can be administered during an infection or allergy attack as treatment.  When needed, use consistently for best results. 


Neem, Kalmegha, Vacha, Yesti Madhura, Musta, Haridra (Turmeric), Pippali, Shunti; contains the essential oils of Ginger, Tulsi, Maricha, Rosemary

*** 100% Organic Ingredients


  • 2oz bottle: $15.00 
  • 4oz bottle: $27.00  

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