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Cold-Pressed Castor Oil Drops

Cold-Pressed Castor Oil Drops

(21 customer reviews)


Castor oil has been traditionally used to hydrate the eyes and support eye health. This oil can be used to hydrate the skin, eye lashes, and eyebrows, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Our high quality cold-pressed castor oil is always 100% organic and hexane-free.


  • Hydrates the eyes, eyelashes, and eyebrows
  • Prevents and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Reduces the appearance of under-eye circles
  • Used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to support eye health
  • Always 100% organic, cold-pressed, and hexane-free


Always consult with your doctor before using, especially with more severe issues such as previous eye surgeries, cataracts, or glaucoma.

If redness or irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

Castor Oil Drops should not be used around the eyes while actively wearing contact lenses.

Do not apply the castor oil drops with any other eye drops* unless allowing at least 8 hours between applications.

*Do not discontinue any prescription eye drops without consulting with your doctor first.

General Directions

Always make sure the eyes are clean, dry, and makeup-free. While closing the eyes, take a few moments to massage 1 to 2 drops around each eye.  Due to the thick, oily nature of castor oil, this oil is best when applied directly before bed.

Do not use within 8 hours of any eye drops.  Discontinue if redness or irritation occurs.

Consult with your eye doctor before use.


Organic Castor (Ricinus communis) Seed Oil


21 reviews for Cold-Pressed Castor Oil Drops

  1. Elizabeth Byrd

    I have dry irritated eyes. The prescription eye drops give me a terrible headache and over the counter drops I was using all day long. This castor oil drops is a miracle for me. Using it twice a day and my eyes feel great…no more itching and blurry vision from dry eyes.

  2. Shanan Kelley

    I started using these as a way to combat eye strain from screen usage with the added benefit of giving my lashes and brows a boost. I’m hooked! I go to great lengths just to be able to travel with them because I cannot bear to go to sleep without them! Highly recommend.

  3. glenn stewart

    I just received my second purchase of there eye drops. Naturally sensitive eyes, allergies and a possible cataract. Plus, a few minutes after I put them in my eyes, I am totally relaxed and zone off to sleep. I noticed a difference about three days after my first dose. Less sensitive, not as dry, and no blurs. The additional bonus is the eyelash & brow improvement. I’m hooked!! Can’t say enough !! Give them a try.

  4. Ginny Crocker

    I have extremely dry eyes, a side effect of Lasik surgery many years ago. Have used about every eye dryness product on the market. The Castor Oil was suggested by my eye doctor during my recent annual eye visit. So glad that I tracked this product down and purchased it. It definitely helps the dryness and does not leave a film over your eyes like some of the eye gels do. I noticed a difference the first time that I used it (at night) as my eyes lids were not stuck together the following morning like they usually are. Have not seen the eye lash improvement yet as I have only been using this a week but if that works, another star for this product!!

  5. Maryanne Dent

    I was very nervous using this product in the eyes even though the reviews were very good. The first time I applied them I put in too much and the next morning I had to add some refreshing eye drops in order for my contacts not to be blurry. After that I got the hang of it and really love the Castor Oil eyedrops. They make my eyes feel very fresh and make my contacts feel better on. I really like this product and intend to continue using!

  6. Emma Vallejo

    I have glaucoma, cataracts and problems with both retinas, and the very first day I used the drops as directed, my vision became clear, the pain in my eyes stopped, the itching of allergies stopped, and I have only used them three days so far. I am excited using them, specially considering that all refresh eye drops give me allergies. So far so good, and hopping my conditions get a lot better.

  7. Frances Schiavina

    Eyes feel calmer. I only used it a few days, it seems to be clearing the eyes.

  8. natalie Patirian

    i have a rare eye condition called Neuropathic ocular nerve pain.
    It was really destroying my life.
    Most poeple with this rare condition are highly suicidal.
    it feels as if your eyes have been rubbed agaist sand paper and lite on fire or as if your eyes have been cut with glass or……

    I was really suffering and was extermly painful to keep my eyes open at times.

    when i found this oil i was very happy.
    it helps along with my other medications and drops i am in a better place.
    Not fully pain free but in a much better place.
    I have been on this oil for about a year

  9. Maryanne P Dent

    I really like this product! I was a little leary about putting castor oil in my eyes but it is very soothing and I feel it has definitely helped my eyes. I currently purchased my 2nd bottle!

  10. Jean Ho

    I have dry eye syndrome and mild cataracts. At every annual check-up, two different ophthalmologists have told me I will probably need cataract surgery in a few years. Somewhere in my search for a more natural alternative to over-the-counter eye drops, it was mentioned that castor oil drops may slow down cataract formation. With the approval of my ophthalmologist, I have been putting in drops nightly and find that it has helped the dry eyes. At my next vision exam, I will find out if the cataract situation improved.
    Even though I knew about the healing effects of castor oil, I was hesitant to put it in my eyes. I also wanted to make sure it was a high quality oil and sterile. I was very happy to have found this company. From the very beginning, I felt this was a caring, compassionate company….the very prompt 2 day shipping, the information sent about the product and how best to use it. When I had a problem with the large eye dropper, it was immediately resolved the next day with offers of a smaller bottle and dropper or full refund. The customer service is outstanding, as well as the quality of their product.

  11. Maria

    I have been using these Castor Oil drops for a little over a month now and I totally recommend them. I was diagnosed with ocular rosacea inside my eyelids (a result of using some inefficient corticosteroid drops for treating a mild contact lense inflammation). As a result of this eyelid problem, my eyes were also very dry and sometimes even painful. Doctors kept prescribing medicine drops that only made things worse. These drops have helped me to calm down the inflammation in both my eyelids and eyes, as well as to support my body to get rid of the rosacea. Plus they seem to help with dryness too and they moisturize the eye contour. Also, great customer service and fast delivery times.

  12. Lillian Ogden

    I have just started using this product. I mainly bought it for cataracts. It is to soon to tell if it will be effective for that. However, my eyes are not dry. Will update when I see improvements.

  13. jennifer Gianni

    This product has literally changed my life. For over 2 years I was suffering from very red eyelids and stys at least every 3 months. I have had numerous eyelid surgeries to remove them. I have been to both Mayo Clinic and Duke for very expensive, cutting edge dry eye therapies. I have been on antibiotics, medicated eyedrops. Basically everything and nothing helped. By chance I heard a podcast and decided to give the Castor oil drops a try. I felt relief the first time I used them. I no longer have burning and stinging, I no longer use hot compresses on my eyes 2 or 3 times a day ( mostly just once a week now )and it has been about 4 months since I first started these drops and no stys. I have started using many more products from this company and I am more than impressed with the quality of everything I have used. Grateful beyond belief!

  14. Kathy Stroh

    Very helpful for my dry eyes – bought a second bottle

  15. Hamza

    This is better choice for dry eyes. My eyes are less irritated after using caster oil. I would suggest people with dry eyes to use it at night before bedtime.

  16. Julia

    Been dealing with dry eye issues for over a year and this has given the best relief of any product I’ve tried. I felt a difference after just one use. A drop or two in each eye when I went to bed.

    I intend to keep it up!

  17. Natalie

    Have been using these drops for glaucoma and they bring much added relief. I use them at night and in the morning. When eyes feel dry or sore, I sometimes just rub the Castor oil on my eyelids and that also brings much relief!

  18. Kerrine Ramsey

    Kerrine – I love the castor oil drops for eyes. I have used this before for my dry eyes. I notice after using for three months every night my next doctor’s visit – he said the dry eyes were better – not worse. It really cleans and moisturizes the eyes – so great. I highly recommend after reading the instructions thoroughly and talking to your doctor. I have had great results for me personally. Thank you Danielle.

  19. Jim

    The drops that I received recently seem a lot more watered down compared to those I ordered over a year ago.

    • Danielle

      Hi Jim,

      I am sorry to hear that you feel the oil seems watered down. I can assure you that we would never add anything to our castor oil, including water which would leave this oil susceptible to mold and rancidity.

      The temperature of your environment may play a role in the viscosity of the oil, but otherwise we have not changed our oil source since your last purchase. If you are still unsatisfied however, please contact us at info@svasthaayurveda.com and we will be happy to issue you a refund.


  20. Jennifer

    I was a bit skeptical about putting castor oil directly in my eyes, but this really has helped soothe some of my “too much time on a computer” tired eyes. Instantly soothes, and easy to apply. Going to start using on my lashes and brows to promote growth too – excited!

  21. Carol Kellogg

    A wise older friend told me to start using these drops for my blurry vision and itchy eyes. It’s only been a week, abs has helped the itchy part already! I believe the whites are clearer as well. I’m awaiting news lenses fir my glasses, so combining these drops too, I expect my vision will continue to improve. Love the helpful video regarding using them! This company is very thorough in customer care!

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