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Ayurvedic Red Lentil Dahl Recipe


Dahl is the Sanskrit term for an Indian soup made from a split and de-skinned bean such as the red lentil.  Because of these properties, red lentils are one of the easiest beans to digest, as they cook down to almost a sauce-like consistency.  In fact, most individuals that have digestive issues with beans are still able to enjoy red lentils on a regular basis. Continue reading »

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Vata-Soothing Root Veggie Stew

root stewThis earthy, grounding, Vata-soothing dish is a great option for the fall and winter months or anytime Vata dosha is high.  This colorful array of roots and vegetables is a great way to get a wide range of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants into your daily diet.  The addition of ghee and Ayurvedic spices increases the health properties by boosting the digestive fire and allowing the body to readily absorb the nutrients.     Continue reading »

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