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7-Day Quinoa Kitchari Cleanse Kit

7-Day Quinoa Kitchari Cleanse Kit


Kitchari cleanses have been performed for many years in Ayurvedic medicine.  Making kitchari with quinoa instead of basmati rice tends to be better for Kapha types, during times of weight loss, or for anyone that does not digest white rice well.  Quinoa is lower in calories and carbohydrates and higher in protein and fiber than basmati as well.  This kit provides 7 days (21 servings) worth of the Quinoa Kitchari ingredients (plus extra ghee and spices) to ease you through your cleanse.  Performing kitchari cleanses routinely will support healthy digestion, elimination, energy, and weight levels while alleviating many healthcare issues.


  • Perfect for Kapha types, or any individual that does not digest white rice well (quinoa is tridoshic and suitable for all dosha types)
  • Contains less carbohydrates and more protein and fiber than traditional kitchari ingredients
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the system
  • Supports healthy digestion and metabolism
  • Beneficial program for weight loss
  • Alleviates digestive imbalances such as hyperacidity, gas, bloating, and inflammatory conditions in the GI tract
  • Promotes healthy elimination
  • Improves energy levels post-cleanse
  • Improves clarity, intellect, memory, and emotional balance
  • Annual, biannual, or seasonal kitchari cleanses help to reset the body and mind routinely
  • Kitchari can be eaten as a nutrient-rich, healing staple in the diet indefinitely


  • 7 cups of organic mung dal (3.3 pounds)*
  • 4.6 cups of organic quinoa (2.15 pounds)*
  • 8-ounce jar of handcrafted organic ghee
  • 4-ounce bag of freshly crafted kitchari spice blend of choice
  • Cleansing Quinoa Kitchari recipe
  • Cleansing Quinoa and Dal recipe
  • Tips on how to get the most from your cleanse
  • Tips on how to come off of your cleanse
  • Cleansing herbal tea recipes (ingredients not included)
  • Post-cleanse recipes

*This amount of mung dal and quinoa will provide 21 – two cup servings of quinoa kitchari  for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during a 7 day cleanse.

Ayurvedic Effects

  • Tridoshic ingredients
  • Vata ↓
  • Pitta ↓
  • Kapha ↓


Cleanses of any kind should be avoided during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, or during menstruation.  Other times to avoid major cleanses would be during illness, directly after illness, during times of weakness, during times of high anxiety or insomnia, during times of extreme emotional stress (divorce, death, major life change, etc), or during times of general high stress (job, move, major life change, etc).

If you have a severe health condition or are on prescription medications, please contact your doctor before starting any cleanse.


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